BBC: The British Comedy Central

Remember I switched my loyalty from BBC to CNN last year? Oh, they are going to change the name to BCC, the British Comedy Central. The is is just one snapshot from their website that explains why:

The BBC’s Colombo Correspondent Anbarasan Ethirajan sings the usual tune “Independent journalists are not allowed to enter the war zone” while, on the same page, at the top, it reads “Close-up View: The BBC’s Charles Haviland on the frontline of the Sri Lankan War.

So, being on the frontline is not enough? Do they want to pick up a gun too?

This appeared on the 1st of May, and I checked the calendar to see of the BBC has moved the April Fool’s Day by a month. Nope, they haven’t.

Then I realised, BBC aren’t independent, and they seem to publicly agree!


  1. I guess it is BBC’s Outlook signature. You know that one that automatically add end of every email.

    Independent journalists are not allowed to enter the war zone,
    Thank you,

    They should call of their nephews to come and get that computer fixed.