Wild Elephant Reserve

After being absent for closer to 15 years, I returned to my Paradise Isle in 2005, feeling like an alien. Everything has changed, and I have changed the way I looked at everything too.

Things were different, things were difficult too. The red-tape, narrow-mindedness, hypocrisy, ignorance, sexism, racism, incompetent government sector, public transport system... irritated me. It was hard to come to terms with a nation that shuts down by 8.00 pm.

On my part, the worst thing was, I didn't have the desire to drink arrack anymore. I was a disgrace to the islanders, for I have lost the ability to cherish the beverage of the nation. And I felt horrible. I felt like Ranasinghe Premadasa dining at the Buckingham Palace – totally out of place – drinking vodka by the shot or gin n tonic while there were bottles and bottles of pure coconut arrack exchanging hands. Slowly, but surely, I acquired the taste for the golden syrup again. And guess what, here I am, about to reveal one of the best arrack drinks, ever.

I say, Vodka+RedBull, go fly a kite. For, we, the islanders of Taprobane, have something that can kick your nether-regions for good.

Say hello to Old Reserve n Wild Elephant.

Credit goes to Mash and Chintana for trying it out and figuring out the perfect, tongue ticking, lip-licking, sweet-mother-of-all, silky smooth combination, when we were in dire straits having run out of chasers towards the end of my birthday bash.

This is a yummy concoction, drinkable by the gallon, and has no known side effects. Since there is a clear difference between side-effects and after-effects, we assure you that there are absolutely no side-effects, at least not discovered as yet. After-effects, of course, are not guaranteed; as it would vary from the consuming gentleman to gentleman.

This drink is beautiful in colour too. Ideal summer drink, perfect to be consumed by the seaside watching the sunset, as one could possibly see the setting sun and the rising sun both in the same glass. If poets could draw, and artists can sing, this is the drink to make it happen.