The Lebanese and the Sri Lankans

Bleow are 20 quick reasons why I posted the three ads from the Lebanese General Elections. The Lebanese are just like us!
  1. We still look up to our former colonists. They have the French, and we have the Brits.
  2. Speaking the colonial lingo is a status symbol. French over there, English over here.
  3. We faced a civil war instigated by the big-bully neighbours. They watched as we killed each other, and then they sent their military to “keep the Peace.” Syria poking the finger in their business and India, in ours.
  4. We had a political leader in the recent past who built the country, and built a stadium in his name; only to be killed by a bomb while on the road not very far from the stadium. Hariri vs Premadasa.
  5. The tallest statue in the country is a religious symbol.
  6. They were the centre of the Middle East. We were the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.
  7. We both love to party, and we love to drink.
  8. Our national drink is Arak. And Arrack.
  9. We embraced modernism long before our neighbours.
  10. Our infrastructure was so bad, we had to introduce mobile phones in order to catch-up with the rest of the world. Today, a mobile phone is must, and it’s a menace.
  11. We have an amazing capability to forget the bullets, blood and the bodies in less than 24-hours; we are used to asking “how many?” after hearing a bomb go off in the vicinity. And get-on with watching the silly soap-opera or the match unfolding on the silver screen.
  12. We are better educated than our neighbours in the region.
  13. We think a European car is better than a Japanese.
  14. Everyone we know has someone of their family living overseas.
  15. Our politicians are corrupted and the government sector runs on bribery. And there is always a way to get things done.
  16. We boast about our ancient civilisation, while we fail to be civil to each other.
  17. We brag about the beautiful beaches, cold mountains and ancient cities.
  18. We drive like crazy; and think of road rules only if there’s a cop around the corner.
  19. Our women are gorgeous.
  20. Last but not least, we are just nice people. It must be the sea..!


  1. Hahah loved it!
    So among ours and theirs, who's women are better?

  2. Sach, lemme put it this way:

    I was in Beirut in 1996, sitting in a bar. I pretended to be a UN Peacekeeper from Nepal (that was fun) and I get talking with a stranger from Europe. Talking of women, he says 90% of the Lebanese women are very, very, pretty. So I asked about the remaining 10%. “Oh, they are DROP-DEAD-GORGEOUS..!” he says.

  3. Hmmm.... How much to Lebanon these days? :P

  4. Wijitha, did you just compare Sri Lankan women to Lebanese women and call ours 'gorgeous'?

    I am sorry, this might offend some SL women but being a SL woman myself, I can without any guilt state...HELL NO!

    SL woman have charm in a very Sri Lankan way and all but Lebanese women are gorgeous, hands down, in anyone's standard. =)

    But agreed with the rest! =)

  5. Sabby, LOLZ. *nods vigorously*

    Just playing safe you know...

  6. good one! enjoyed reading it..:)

    to add to sach's question, how are the men?:D

    The ones I've seen have had great complexion..:)

  7. LD, must be the laban (yoghurt) and the olives in their diet, right? Unfortunately, I’m not qualified to comment on men, but I do know girls go ga-ga over Lebanese men.

    But the luck is on our side, male to female ratio in Lebanon is 1 to 8..!!

  8. Jerry, I could bring one home for you - need only one-way ticket. That’s 50% save. What do you say?

  9. "We boast about our ancient civilisation, while we fail to be civil to each other."

    So true.

    This post - while being fantastic - would do so much better with photographic evidence :)

  10. I'm with Dulan! hehe ;D

  11. Dulan, Chavie:
    Imagine just ONE picture of a gorgeous Lebanese girl on this blog.
    And ONE HUNDRED questions that I’ll have to face at the home-front.