So, this is Christmas!

Lady Divine takes a look back at her 2008 and Sach the one follows. He tags me, and inspires me to go public with my recap on 2008.

So here goes:

  • Completed three years of separation from Gestapo.

  • Got my SL driving licence suspended for a month. Yep, suspended, for abusing a stupid cop.

  • Registered a business enterprise in my name. But never managed to get it going the way I wanted.

  • Designed a house by the riverside for my pretty neighbour.

  • Put my arm around Ranil W and lectured him on how to run his affairs. I was drunk.

  • Drove to Kataragama every weekend for almost three months.

  • Experienced a Hollywood-style car-chase and a rescue, when my son was almost kidnapped by Gestapo (my ex) on his way back from school. Six hours, three police stations, one Army Check point, three Vehicles. Lived the adrenalin rush to the max.; and I won.

  • Got the divorce. My cousin gives his two cents to G and tells her not to f*around in OUR country.

  • Got stuck in the longest ever traffic jam – driving an old cab with a bad clutch for over three hours. It felt like forever and my ankle has never endured such agony.

  • Fed the crows from my balcony every day. The hobby lasted until Prima Bread went up in price.

  • Agreed to let go of the kids for their own benefit, while keeping the right for custody.
    Experienced the epitome of sadness and emptiness in my entire life.

  • Moved to Sydney, Australia.

  • Felt very sad to leave the gang behind, and felt sad to leave SL for the first time.

  • Saw parts of the vast expanse the aboriginal girls covered in the “Rabbit-Proof Fence” in my own two eyes.

  • Met some of my prep-school friends, after sooooo many years and wondered how did they become fat, ugly, “uncles.”

  • Travelled a lot. Inside and outside the Paradise isle.

  • Took up an offer with Drive/Dentsu, and relocated to Saudi Arabia.

  • I was in love. Still am.

  • Decided to get married, again. Next year. Yes, to the pretty neighbour above.

  • Wore a borrowed-sarong in public in for the first time, to appear in the Tissa Courts to bail-out my prospective brother-in-law who was caught with 5 grams of herbs.

  • Switched my loyalty from BBC to CNN.

  • Ate at the biggest Pizza-Hut outlet in the World.

  • Did an amazing trip to Vavuniya.

  • Made many new friends, online and offline. Amongst them, some Saudi females.

  • Saw women in Bikini’s in Jeddah.
And I’m still intact. I know 2009 is gonna be the greatest year in my life!


  1. hey!
    nice list I must say.. a big mix of all...
    and I don't think i'm tagged here..:) I think I'm linked..:D

  2. Yes you're linked, not tagged. Mea culpa ;)

  3. You lectured Ranil W? Waste of time, my friend... pearls before swine and all that...

  4. Anonymous,
    Like I said, I was drunk. :D

  5. Your blog is titled Taprobane but you are not still there? Left for the first time? Such an interesting writer having trouble with the law? Some things you write are puzzling. I envy you the warm weather and easy life if you are still at Taprobane.

  6. Anonymous, thank you for your comments. :)

    I’m sorry, things are puzzling if you are not from Taprobane. I’ll try to help.

    Gestapo is my ex-wife, who was, in fact, worse than the Gestapo (Nazi Secret Police).

    In Sri Lanka, if you don’t bribe the cops and fight for your rights, you end up in Courts – unless you are a lawyer, media personnel, politician, a well-known thug or related to the first citizen.

    Ranil W is the Opposition Leader of the Parliament; he’s the only person ever to hold that post for the longest period in the World, we think.

    Yes, I left the country (again), – having trouble with myself, not the law. I wanted to get away from the memories – too difficult to live in the same place when the kids are gone. Wanted a new place, a new life, everything new. Can’t change the title now, can I?

    Kataragama is a place, Prima is a brand, Dentsu is the largest advertising agency ($2.17 b/2007) in the world; and Herbs are what we smoke.

    I hope things would make sense now. ;-)

  7. Interesting recap. I must say i laughed at your bit about the gestapo.. Have a great year!

  8. Mixed Fruit (Interesting hope some where we were with you and (NOT)
    have a great 2009 wijitha ayye