Soon, in every home. The Third Republic.

Lebanese General Election is near. Their election videos from the campaign are very different from ours – from concept to execution. Here are some that are currently running.

In Lebanon, you are either with the Hizbullah, or against them!

The House-guest

The Bonfire

The Fireworks

Title 1: Soon, in every home.
Title 2: The Third Republic.


  1. Kalu, yep they are.

    Hizbullah, being an Islamic Revolutionary Army, brought back the troubles to Lebanon. The Lebanese are just like us, they forget the past pretty quickly.

    These ads are reminding them of yesterday, so that people (hopefully) wouldn’t give them the political power.

    I guess it’s like Prabha is not dead and LTTE is running for the Parliament - from every seat of Sri Lanka. Pretty scary.