The Stupidest Thomian Ever!

The were two students in my O’ Level class who didn’t know how to write their names – even after completing 10 years in school. These two were fortunate enough to attend the best school in the country, even though they were born in the poor shanty town behind St Michael’s Road, Colpetty. The college had to accept the kids residing within the two-mile-radius by default. Since there was no “failing” system in the school, it was auto-pilot until grade 10 for the bright and the dim alike.

Whether they were studious or not, even the stupidest Royalist I know has some common sense. The only exception alive is RW, who continues to make a mockery of himself and the green party he represents.

And finally, our arch rival St Thomas’ College has produced a finest example of stupidity personified, and this one beats RW by a good mile. I was sympathetic to this idiot from STC and little did I know that he was a delusional low-life. The guy is so stupid, that he went and posted “ChiliChocolate” blog under his own name “Branding Blog by NB” and was waging a war with himself.

And the cheap, spineless bastard that he is, picks on two innocent, helpless female bloggers – Mayanthi and Indiyana and black-mails them, forcing them to quit blogging.


My sincere apologies people, for (once upon a time) I too believed that his voice also should be heard in the blogsphere.


  1. If I'm not mistaken, Chilli's throwing flippant threats at the rest of the blogosphere as well.
    Scratch 'stupidest THOMIAN', prolly just the stupidest. fullstop. :/

    Also, NO FAILING SYSTEM? :O Woah, that's just insane!

  2. Mak, yes you are spot on. Stupidest ever.

    And yeah, no one fails until O/Ls. If they did, people like RW wouldn’t be there I guess..? LOL. ;)

  3. Automatic passing is how I got through school.

  4. Glad to see you've seen the light, Wijitha.

  5. "was waging a war with himself."

    For some reason, I can't stop laughing whenever I see that line...


  6. @David, well that’s what happens when you support the under-dog and the under-dog happens to be a pig. :D

    @Jerry, yep – a good thought for a cartoon series? Sach is doing the movie..!

  7. Serendib - I'm glad too. Was worried about you for a while.

  8. Your evidence isn't much convincing though. The google id and name are two separate things and the name could be changed easily.

    I hope you are not that chili choco killer guy, because if you are you are going to pass RW easily.

  9. Liberal Lanka, Google is not the only thing. I have, for a long time, suspected the identity of “karensue” and a particular line I wrote to him appeared in booruwa’s blog. Coincidence? There’s a whole lot more: remember, LD & I were the next one on his hit list, heh he!

  10. Oh BTW Liberal Lanka – I’m not the Choco Killer.

  11. RD, thanks. I’m fine now, well-recovered from the fit of laughter. :D

  12. hehe...are u using Sinhala firefox? great...

  13. @DeeCee, I’m glad too.

    @r-s-z: I installed Sinhala Unicode on my Mac since there’s loads of great Sinhala blogs. Its still not perfect, but it works. If I search from Google.lk, its Sinhala, otherwise English. Cool, eh?

  14. "suspected the identity of “karensue” and a particular line I wrote to him appeared in booruwa’s blog"

    If so, why did U still support him with Adios Amigo? U've been a hypocrite too.
    Non-judgemental, but confsuing. Google claim isn't convincing enough as liberal lanka says. NB blogs under his name. Highly unlikely a named blogger would do this. Just my 2 cents though ;)

  15. Anon, here are three good reasons why I empathised with NB, before the identity crisis:
    a) He claimed that he is a single-father raising a kid, all by himself. Please see my post on being a single father in Colombo.
    b) He is from a school where I’ve had a few years of education, and we all maintain our bond with the schools, don’t we?
    c) I support the underdog in a fight.

    Now, why this post?
    NB abused the trust I placed in him. Period.
    If you want to call me a hypocrite, be my guest.

  16. I suggest we ignore the nutcase(s) and go back to our regular blogging lives...it's no fun bantering with the mentally instable.

  17. Taprobane, NB is on my google reader. His current posts say "posted by Indi". NB has clarified on his blog why that is. I do think there is some mischief with this CC psycho. Besides, NB was a guy who never forced people to close blogs. FYI, I did receive an e-mail from him sometime ago asking me to de-list from kottu. He had mentioned he valued my contents that he wanted them out of kottu when he wanted to hack. He wanted to hack Indi's blog though. I do have reasons to believe NB is not CC or vice versa. Perhaps you should verify.