Five that Came in a Tag

I shouted out loud, “Adoh, Suddo...” and I get answered by the black variety. Kalusudda tags me in Five that Came in a Tag.

The rules are quite simple really.

As stipulated by the inventor of the game – the drummer in a high place:

  • You write five words to describe how you feel about recent events in Sri Lanka.
  • You tag five bloggers.
  • You sit back and relax (and hope they’d keep it going)
Recent events in five words:

  1. Success
  2. Relief
  3. Pain
  4. Camaraderie
  5. Hope
And I hereby tag:
  1. Jerry Berry – the favourite, but not so edible fruit
  2. Makuluwo – the Spiderwoman in the making
  3. Chavie – the one that’s on the run
  4. Lady D – oh, the divine one
  5. Santhoshi – the temporarily superstitious one
Good luck people!


  1. Cool, You are more positive than me :)

  2. i beg to differ. jerry berry is not only edible but also rather swet. hmph!!! ;)

  3. @Kalusudda, yeah – I’m one of those who believe in eternal sunshine.

    @delilah, hahh ha ha! Okey, okey, We know JB’s all yours!

  4. Thanks for the tag Serendib! My reply can be found here.

    Waiting impatiently for Jerry to post, I wonder what he'd turn THIS into... ;) hehe