Adoh Suddo...

I wish the bloody idiots understood Sinhala, so that I could give them a bit of my mind. But then again, that would be a tad too much to ask for.

Finally, the Human Rights pundits lost it at the big seat.

The world accepts that the government acted in the best interest of its civilians, whom it has promised to take care of. We knew it all along, and, now they know.

Miliband and his band of bandits failed to bully the tiny island that is Sri Lanka. Once again.

My tiny island scores a huge diplomatic victory at the United Nations.

And... comes the famous American Question: Now what?

Human Rights Watchdogs have one less issue to talk about, one less means of income. No more island holiday for the Brits, Italians, Canadians, Germans et al who were planning on riding their brand new Nissan Safari’s or Toyota Land Cruisers, pretending to be “saving the humanity” while being sloshed in night clubs and beach-side joints in Colombo.

Less cappuccinos and green tea to be served at watering holes in the city.

Pro-terrorist Tamil Diaspora would be looking for new angles to incriminate the Sri Lankan government, working along with their kith-and-kin in high places. Kumaraswamy’s, Pillay’s and Lata’s and the rest. Looking for a road to Hauge, perhaps?

A few thousand “refugee visas” not getting extended in Europe, Canada and Australia. No wonder they are on the street – who wants to leave the luxuries and go back to Vanni?

Opportunities missed – for the NGO’s. Amnesty International cannot open an office in Colombo. Sheesh. Norwegians cannot arm the LTTE, MSF cannot wire reports that feed the pro-terrorist propaganda. Brits cannot spy on the Indians, HRW cannot come-up with numbers that are made-up by some university students sitting under a tree in Sydney.

We have seen what the NGO’s have (not) done in the ex-LTTE held territory. Billions of Euros spent on sign-boards. Signboards alone, announcing the project – but not a brick in place. They should never be allowed in to the country again; they should be held accountable for what they did (not) in the North and East during the reign of the LTTE terrorism. If anyone deserves to be brought to justice, those NGO officials would be a good start.

We already have the UN, ICRC and a few other “respectable” organisations, already with sufficient access to the internally displaced persons, operating inside the refugee welfare centres. If anybody is genuinely interested in Human Rights in Sri Lanka, they should first resolve the nearly 50,000 cases of missing persons from the ’88-’90 era.

The West sells weapons – they get richer, we get poorer. The NGO’s thrive on conflict – they get funds to keep their jobs, work in exotic places and live life holiday-style.

The Tamil “fighters” get to live abroad, capitalising on their “refugee” status. Escape the law, make better money, live in better conditions, doing what the rest of the Sri Lankans can only dream of. Ex-terrorist killers run mobs, they could get in trouble if they ever return to the island.

Now that the war is over, the LTTE mob in France alone is at the risk of losing 20 million Euros every year. They run their funding activities including narcotics and drugs in 44 countries and the West that supported the bill are safe havens for these thugs and assassins. The money collected is sure to keep their fight alive, since these governments are encouraging terror activities in their own soil.

The media has new subject matter everyday to keep their ratings high and journalists find new angles to speed-up their way up the corporate ladder. They can run a circus out of our misery.

The funding agencies could keep tightening their nooze on our neck, we are the lab-rats for every single new resolution. Ban smoking globally? Let’s start with Sri Lanka!

Now what? We have more bad news to be expected. NGO’s and the Tamil Diaspora have to find a way to keep their “cause” alive; that’s the only way to keep the funds pouring in. They will be supported and funded by the Indian Tamils, who failed to establish a Tamil homeland in the place where it should be: Tamil Nadu.

All, at our expense.

The end of the war is just bad news for all of the above.

But, it’s just bloody good news for us.

As a Sri Lankan – even if we have to grow bathala (sweet-potato) in our back yard for the next ten years to come – I’d would vote for Mahinda again – he has restored our dignity, most of all, above all.


  1. excellent post! no truer words spoken...

  2. Nice one SI! The hypocrisy is just so blatant, they don't even try to cover it up now... Let's hope our friends in India, China and Russia can help us through these tough times... :)

  3. LiT, these thing will continue to be. I do not understand why certain people feel superior to others also why others let it be so. But the "developing" ones flexing their muscles now, while big boys are wiggling.
    Anyway you have been tagged to show your feelings.

  4. That's the spirit. Liked that bathala thing. But do you live in Sri Lanka?

  5. Liberal Lanka, “technically” I moved out of Colombo and went to Sydney, last year. But, ended up taking up an opportunity that keeps me in the Middle East. So, most of my time is spent there, and the rest, in Colombo. That’s how I end up in Colombo every 2-3 months.
    Sydney will wait. Besides, my family is in SL.