12 Simple Sins

Sach tags me on simple pleasures of life. So here I go, with my sins, in random order:
  1. There’s nothing like a a lazy day in bed, snuggled up with the missus. Being a Leo has its own advantages, being a husband has its own privileges.
  2. Post-dinner chats with my dad in the hill-country residence, sipping a good cuppa brewed from the local tea. Nothing beats the cold weather, hot-tea and an indulgence in enjoyable recollections of the past.
  3. Spending time listening to my mom in the kitchen sitting in a little wooden bench, while watching her “order” around “achchie” telling her what to cook and how. (She does this every single day). Equally entertaining are the conversations with pans – my mother-in-law – who always finds a bright spark in every dark spot.
  4. Champaign Thursday. Romantic, candle-lit dinner at home with the missus...
  5. Watching the sunrise away from the hustle and bustle, from the middle of nowhere.
  6. Reading bed time stories to my kids and occasionally falling asleep with them. God knows I miss them.
  7. Feeding the crows from the balcony, early morning. That was before Prima bread went up in price and I moved out of the country.
  8. Afternoon naps under the mango tree in Kataragama. Specially after a hefty meal of home-cooked Sri Lankan cuisine that usually consists of wewu-maalu, parippu and pol-sambol and other delicacies.
  9. Music and the open road. The open road that usually leads to Bandarawela, Kataragama or Habarana; yes I love the long drives.
  10. Stopping by a roadside joint for a cup of plain tea with a piece of jaggery; accompanied by a laveriya or a piece of kithul-piti.
  11. Making fun of my nephews and nieces and teasing them about their “kabal” schools.
  12. Occasional cartoon or a silly movie where I get to behave like a five-year old, all over again.

Now I’d like to pass the turn to Jerry and DeeCee to enlighten us with their pleasures in life.



  1. Will get down to this W! :)

  2. What are these "Kabal" schools? Royal College that is not so Royal you mean ????? he he.... Lovely post... I wrote mine too at


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