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  1. Kolla, I can see your Hi spirit :-) ENJOY.... :-)

  2. Please translate!

  3. Anonymous, first and foremost I apologise for writing my first ever post in my native language.

    Translated, it reads:
    “Since the boy has gone to see the Match
    the Shop
    is closed”

    Which, in English, makes not much sense. The magic is in its original form, I couldn’t do justice by translating or expressing it in English – that’s why I decided to post it in Sinhala. Sorry.

    I’m off to Sri Lanka to watch an annual cricket match that is being played between two colleges for the 130th year this year. Yes, it sounds crazy, but many past-students fly in from all over the world to join in this amazing event every year.

    For more information about this famous match, please visit http://www.royalthomian.info

  4. ;o) hope the kolla had a good time