This is Advertising!

As I flipped the cover page of the Khaleej Times this morning, my eye caught a clinical-looking half page ad on the front inner-page. Just lots of white space, and a simple dialogue.

Your heart says yes.

Your head nods in agreement.

To discover more about yourself go to

...read the ad.

My being me, sitting with my coffee, the laptop and the television news disturbing the silence in the morning, decide to check out the site. Idle hands, wondering minds, perfect time of the day to get me on the internet. I do have time to spare, so I check-out the site.

A minute later, I find myself with a grin on my face.

Brilliant. That’s what I call advertising.


  1. Just tried it, absolutely brilliant!

  2. Before the ad, the layout of the news above caught my eye. I didn't know the Khaleej times was so beautifully lay-ed out now.

  3. Sajith,

    Yes KT has been revamped. The new design is based on research that studied reader behaviour; a US design consultancy established the new look.