Do you Believe in Miracles?

“I do the impossible, but the miracles are usually left for the Man Upstairs” read the last line of my email to an account director in my agency yesterday. I was pissed-off, one of those days at work.

Then, I heard this news in the evening.

A nine-year old girl falls from a balcony of a 14th floor apartment, and survives the fall unscathed. “I heard her scream as she plunged to the ground” a witness said. “I did not know where the screams were from until I looked up and saw her landing on a car.”

“It was surreal! What amazed me was that she jumped off the car and walked away leaving behind only a few blood stains” the witness said, adding that he rushed over to her to comfort her and calm her down as she sat at the entrance to the building, and cried.

She was taken to the hospital moments later where she was kept in the Intensive Care Unit as a precautionary measure. The doctors were amazed that despite the fall, she sustained only minor scratches and bruises and there were no serious fractures.

In the grand scheme of things, there’s no rhyme or reason. Some people are just lucky and some incidents are nothing short of miracles.

Anyone believes in miracles? Is this story true?

Take the poll, see what people think:

April Fool’s Day tricks people. Some get caught in lies, some get caught in the truth thinking it was a lie. Click here to verify the story above.


  1. Yes I do :-) I call it Divine Help !!!!!

  2. i really thought it was an april fools post! I guess miracles do happen...