Who the fcuk is Yolanda Foster?

This morning, I receive yet another Amnesty International Public Statements that is distributed to the media personnel. Which, assumes that the Sri Lankan Armed Forces are using heavy artillery against the civilians in the No Fire Zone. I’m outraged, and I decide to visit the Amnesty International website. Chose “Sri Lanka” from the scroll-down menu and clicked “Go.”

And what did I get?

“There is no Amnesty International Presence in this country” says the official website. WTF? So WhoTF is this Yolanda Foster – the “Sri Lanka Expert” then? How dare could she talk about my country without even being on the soil? This isn’t the first time this so called expert gets her panties in a twist, she seems to be doing it on regular basis.

Amnesty International – a well recognised humanitarian organisation – is fast losing my respect because of such nincompoops who pretend to know the situation better than all of us. In my not-yet-awake zombiesh state in the morning, I decide to reply to the media group, hoping that someone somewhere would look at the facts, without blindly quoting AI “Sri Lanka expert” who seems to know shite about the ground realities.

No Fire Zone is very different from the Amnesty International’s perception. It’s a haven for the LTTE to hide amongst the innocent civilians. See the pictures here.

Anyhow, this was my quick reply to the sender Jim McDonald and the group:

It appears to me that AI continues to “assume” facts that may portray a politically elected government as bad as an illegal terror group.
“However, the government appears to have resorted to the use of heavy weapons such as artillery, which is intended for use on conventional battlefields and are not capable of pinpoint targeting. The use of artillery in densely populated areas is likely to lead to indiscriminate attacks.”
Sri Lankan Forces have released a surveillance video (http://www.army.lk/vgallery.php?galid=20) that clearly show an LTTE tank in action, firing away from the middle of the No Fire Zone. The same tank fire was directed at fleeing civilians yesterday morning, according to the reporters from the national television at the front-line who also witnessed the three LTTE suicide attacks.

Sri Lanka Air Force also released videos that show thousands of civilians held at gunpoint by the LTTE.

If the military intention is to use heavy arms fire as you insinuate, they could have done that weeks ago. Having observed, identified and recorded LTTE gunfire positions, including their last remaining battle tank, it would have been a matter of two or three rounds of fighter jets flying past the No Fire Zone to eliminate the last remaining LTTE positions.

The government’s interest is in the innocent civilians, even at the risk of sacrificing some of their own forces.

According to Al Jazeera’s David Chater reporting from the front-lines this morning (22nd), Sri Lankan military is resorting to “Minimum Force” to open up safe passage for the civilians, and that the Tamil Videos that are seen on international television are “old Propaganda Work” carried out by pro-LTTE elements. Reality, is obviously very different from the propaganda work.

He also added that the civilians are facing catastrophic conditions, they are “in terrible condition, but very very relieved” to have escaped the terror grip of the LTTE.

It is the LTTE using small-arms fire, artillery fire and heavy fire aimed at the innocent civilians who are trying the escape from being used as a human-shield. LTTE even resorted to use suicide attackers on their own brotherhood they claim to protect. Also, I’m sure most of you must have seen the last week’s video of the child whose legs were chopped off with an axe, in front of his own family, by the LTTE as a “punishment for trying to escape” the No Fire Zone. One would know who has the civilian interests at heart, if one sees that gruesome, horrendous atrocity.

Here’s a last thought: The government observed a 48-hours ceasefire on the 13th & 14th of April. Nothing changed for the civilians, they were still stuck in a hell-hole. If the LTTE holds fire for 48 hours, everything would change for the civilians.

AI, please stop assuming facts. The world today is more intelligent than you think.

Thank you.


Pressed “send” and I felt a sense of relief, I felt good. For my tiny contribution in defending my nation the only way I could, under the circumstances.

By the way, the video of the legs being chopped off is absolutely grisly, ghastly and gruesome – too horrible to post here. I could email that to anyone who wants to see it (and volunteer to suffer for the rest of their life with images of torture and torment, and blood-curling screams of agony and pain) – you would know the true face of “Tamil Liberation” when you see it. Al-Qaeda are angles, when compared to these LTTE barbarians.


  1. wow man, you managed to write that in your 'zombiesh state'! nicely said, and I think the atrocities of the LTTE are widely documented. They just turn a blind eye to that, and if one of our shells accidentally falls in a civilian area, then we're committing genocide... Hopefully all this bull will be over by the weekend and we can move on as a nation...

  2. Not being on your soil, I could be totally wrong in any comment here. But could this whole matter be mostly a propaganda war?

  3. Anonymous, I understand your point. That’s exactly why I have quoted a neutral, internationally recognized news network – Al Jazeera – reporting from the battle front this morning. They said the “Tamil Video” footages seen on worldwide tv screens these days are “old (LTTE) propaganda” work. Unlike BBC, Al Jazeera has not tarnished it’s image by being biased.

    As far as the Military claims are concerned, I know that they are true – many of my colleagues are in there, at the front. But then again, my word alone wouldn’t be credible, would it?

  4. Chavie, “Hopefully all this bull will be over by the weekend and we can move on as a nation...”

    Even though the end of the war is not necessarily the end of the conflict, I sincerely hope so.

  5. Strange as it may be in the modern world, we at last have a success story in the war against terror.
    The sovereignty of Sri Lanka is complete and rebuilding can begin.
    Sri Lanka are you ready?
    Go to Sri Lanka, every one!

  6. Great work mate.
    Please send me the email you sent the mail to.

  7. http://www.hindu.com/2009/04/24/stories/2009042454191000.htm

    thought you might find that interesting

  8. Al Jazeera has the only decent reporting I've seen