Hidden Treasures of Galle

Sri Lanka is known for its record number of holidays. We might be at the top of the list of countries with the most number of holidays, but we do not have the habit of taking month-long vacations like the West. There are no summer holidays – there’s summer all year, and there is no winter or spring-breaks.

However, almost every month has a “long” weekend: a full-moon day immediately before or after the weekend. Or some other holiday – religious, national or international, falling next to a weekend. And we are known for our quick, long weekend trips.

The country is dotted with an amazing collection of unique places to stay – from beach resorts to bungalows to jungle retreats, if one desires to step out of the norm and discover something new. We actually do not need a month-long vacation to rejuvenate ourselves, a quick break, a couple of days in an idyllic setting is all that’s needed.

Even though on the ‘premium’ side, Kahandakanda is one such place, just 15 odd kilometres away from Galle, along a narrow winding road that leads inland, away from the beach that we’d like to usually stay. Skip the beach, take the narrow road, and get lost in the greenery and find yourself at Kahandakanda – a getaway for the ones who seek to escape from the hustle and bustle; it’s an indulgence that’s hard to forget.


  1. Man, that IS stunning!
    Sure addition to my must-visit places! LOL...

  2. That really looks nice. Hopefully will visit soon!

  3. Sigh! Galle-World of beauty and culture.
    I always LOVED Galle.
    Love the place. Simply gorgeous.