Top 100 Global Brands of 2009 and their Slogans

2009 was a terrible year, the year of the financial crisis. Only one third of the top 100 brands of 2008 managed to post a positive growth, while some slipped off the list completely. The biggest performers of the year were Google (25% growth in 2009), Amazon.com (22%) and Zara (14%) and the biggest losers were UBS (-50%), Citigroup (-49%) and Harley Davidson (-43%).

Coca-Cola remains the world’s biggest brand for yet another year – they have been so for the last 10 years and more. Japan’s top brand Toyota slipped a few notches and Apple jumped a few positions higher. Only the financial sector and automotive sector fell, while everything else – including luxury goods recorded an overall growth.

Rank, Brand, Brand Value in US$ Millions, Country of Origin, Growth, 2008 Rank and Most Common Slogan

1Coca-Cola68,734US3%(1)Live on the Coke Side of Life
2IBM60,211US2%(2)Solutions for a Small Planet
3Microsoft56,647US-4%(3)Your Potential. Our Passion.
4GE47,777US-10%(4)Imagination at Work
5Nokia34,864Finland-3%(5)Connecting People
6McDonalds32,275US4%(8)I’m Lovin’ It
8Toyota31,330Japan-8%(6)Moving Forward
9Intel30,636US-2%(7)Leap Ahead
10Disney28,447US-3%(9)Where Dreams Come True
12Mercedes-Benz23,867Germany-7%(11)The Future of the Automobile
13Gillette22,841US4%(14)The Best a Man Can Get
14Cisco22,030US3%(17)Welcome to the Human Network*
15BMW21,671Germany-7%(13)The Ultimate Driving Machine*
16Louis Vuitton21,120France-2%(16)The Spirit of Travel
17Marlboro19,010US-11%(18)Welcome to the Marlboro Country
18Honda17,803Japan-7%(20)The Power of Dreams
19Samsung17,518S. Korea-1%(21)Everyone’s Invited
20Apple15,433US12%(24)Think Different
21H&M15,375Sweden11%(22)Fashion Available for Everybody
22American Express14,971US-32%(15)Do More
23Pepsi13,706US3%(26)The Choice of the New Generation
24Oracle13,699US-1%(23)Can’t Break It. Can’t Break In.
25Nescafé13,317Switzerland2%(28)Awaken Your Senses
26Nike13,179US4%(29)Just Do It
27SAP12,106Germany-1%(27)The Best-run e-businesses Run SAP
28IKEA12,004Sweden10%(35)Make a House a Home
29Sony11,953Japan-12%(25)It’s a Sony
30Budweiser11,833US3%(33)The King of Beers
31UPS11,594US-8%(30)Deliver More
32HSBC10,510UK-20%(27)The World’s Local Bank
33Canon10,441Japan-4%(36)Image Anywhere
34Kellogg’s10,428US7%(39)They’re Great!
35Dell10,291US-12%(32)Purely You
36Citi10,254US-49%(19)The Citi Never Sleeps
37JPMorgan9,550US-11%(37)Your Choice. Your Chase.
38Goldman Sachs9,428US-10%(38)Our Client’s Interest Always Comes First
39Nintendo9,210Japan5%(40)Who Are You?
40Thompson Reuters8,434UK1%(44)For People in the Know
41Gucci8,182Italy-1%(45)Quality is Remembered Long After the Price is Forgotten
42Philips8,121Netherlands-2%(43)Sense and Simplicity
43Amazon.com7,858US22%(58)A Real Company in a Virtual World
44L’Oreal7,748France3%(51)Because You Are Worth It
45Accenture7,710Bermuda-3%(47)High Performance, Delivered.
46eBay7,350US-8%(46)The Power of All of Us
47Siemens7,308Germany-8%(47)Be Inspired
48Heinz7,244US9%(56)57 Varieties
49Ford7,005US-11%(49)Ford. Drive One.
50Zara6,780Spain14%(62)We Have a Dream
51Wrigley’s6,731US10%(61)Double Your Pleasure
52Colgate6,550US2%(57)The Colgate Ring of Confidence
53AXA6,525France-7%(55)Be Life Confident
54MTV6,523US-9%(52)Think MTV
55Volkswagen6,484Germany-8(53)Das Auto
56Xerox6,431US1%(59)The Digital Document Company
57Morgan Stanley6,399US-26%(42)One Client At a Time
58Nestlé6,319Switzerland13%(63)Good Food. Good Life.
59Chanel6,040France-5%(60)Share the Fantasy
60Danone5,960France10%(66)A Little Everyday Goes a Long Long Way
61KFC5,722US3%(64)Finger Lickin’ Good
62Adidas5,397Germany6%(70)Impossible is Nothing
63BlackBerry5,138Canada7%(73)Life on Blackberry
64Yahoo!5,111US-7%(65)Do You Yahoo!?
65Audi5,010Germany-7%(67)Vorsprung Durch Technik
66Caterpillar5,004US-5%(68)Earthmoving Solutions for Today’s Challenges
67Avon4,917US-7%(69)Let’s Talk
68Rolex4,609Switzerland-7%(71)Perpetual Spirit
69Hyundai4,604S. Korea-5%(72)Drive Your Way
71Kleenex4,404US-5%(74)It’s Time to Let It Out
72UBS4,370US-50%(41)You & Us
73Harley Davidson4,337US-43%(50)The Legend Rolls On...
74Porsche4,234Germany-8%(75)There is No Substitute
75Panasonic4,225Japan-1%(78)Just Slightly Ahead of Our Time
76Tiffany & Co.4,000US-5%(80)America’s House of Design Since 1837
77Cartier3,698France-6%(79)The Jeweller of Kings
78GAP3,922US-10%(77)For every Generation, there is a GAP
79Pizza Hut3,876US-5%(81)Great Pizzas. Great Times.
80Johnson & Johnson3,847US7%(92)The Family Company
81Allianz3,831France-5%(82)Financial Solutions from A to Z
82Moët & Chandon3,754France-5%(83)Be Fabulous*
83BP3,716UK-5%(84)Beyond Petroleum
84Smirnoff3,698UK3%(89)There’s Vodka. Then There’s Smirnoff.
85Duracell3,563US-3%(88)Lasts Longer, Much Longer.
86NIVEA3,557Germany5%(98)Beauty Is...
88Ferrari3,527Italy0%(93)Art and Emotion
92Shell3,228Netherlands-7%(97)You Can Be Sure of Shell
93Burger King3,223USNew
Have it Your Way
94VISA3,170US-5%(100)Life Takes Visa
96Lexus3,158Japan-12%(90)Pursuit of Perfection
99Polo Ralph Lauren3,094USNew
Get Involved. Volunteer. Exceed.
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Source: Interbrand
* Some brand positionings or slogans may vary from market to market. For example, BMW is moving towards “Joy” and it is no longer the “Ultimate Driving Machine.”


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