Top 100 Global Brands of 2008 and their Slogans

Here’s a look at the Top 100 Global Brands last year. Compiled by BusinessWeek and Interbrand, the Top 100 includes only brands, not parent companies – unlike the Sri Lankan way of doing things. Procter & Gamble does not show up on the list, but Gillette does – something our marketing guru’s could take a note of, when they think of naming “Lowe LDB” or “BOI” a Superbrand next time.
“When ranking the value of the Best Global Brands, Interbrand evaluates brand value in the same way any other corporate asset is valued – on the basis of how much it is likely to earn for the company in the future. Interbrand uses a combination of analysts’ projections, company financial documents, and its own qualitative and quantitative analysis to arrive at a net present value of those earnings. The brand values are based on data collected during the 12 months prior to June 30, 2008. This means that more recent developments, including the troubles at Merrill Lynch and AIG, are not factored into the brand valuations...” explains the BusinessWeek website.
Interestingly, Apple has become a bigger brand than Sony, Pepsi and Nescafé. Google rises while Yahoo falls even behind Amazon, some of the big brands such as Pizza Hut, Kraft, Kodak, Nissan, LG and Levis fall out of the Top 100 list altogether. H&M, the Swedish purveyor of affordable chic continues to climb just like Apple, Google and Nintendo in 2008.
I have done a bit of research to add their marketing slogans to the list – but one must keep in mind that the slogans may change from market to market, or from time to time. IBM, for example, no longer has a slogan, but, they used “Solutions for a Small Planet” at the time I was handling their brand in the Middle East. Starbucks still does not have one, and they do not need one since they have very little, or almost zero, visibility in advertising. The big fashion brands and sports car brands such as Prada and Ferrari could make a statement without speaking a word – that’s why I couldn’t find a slogan I suppose.
I have also had the good fortune to creatively contribute to at least 20 out of the 100 Best Global Brands at one time or the other in my advertising career, a fact that brings a smile to my face.

Rank, Brand, Brand Value in US$ Millions, Country of Origin and Most Common/Most Recent Slogan.

1Coca-Cola66,667USLive on the Coke Side of Life.
2IBM59,031USSolutions for a Small Planet.
3Microsoft59,007USYour potential. Our passion.
4GE53,086USImagination at Work.
5Nokia35,942FinlandConnecting People.
6Toyota34,050JapanMoving Forward.
7Intel31,261USLeap Ahead.
8McDonald's31,049USI’m lovin’ it.
9Disney29,251USWhere Dreams Come True.
11Mercedes-Benz25,577GermanyThe Future of the Automobile.
13BMW23,298GermanyThe Ultimate Driving Machine.
14Gillette22,069USThe Best a Man Can Get.
15American Express21,940USDo More.
16Louis Vuitton21,602FranceThe Spirit of Travel. (Epileather)
17Cisco21,306USThis is the power of the network. Now.
18Marlboro21,300USCome to Marlboro Country.
19Citi20,174USThe Citi Never Sleeps.
20Honda19,079JapanThe Power of Dreams.
21Samsung17,689S. KoreaEveryone’s Invited.
23Oracle13,831USCan’t Break It, Can’t Break In.
24Apple13,724USThink Different.
25Sony13,583JapanIt’s a Sony.
26Pepsi13,249USThe Choice of the New Generation.
27HSBC13,143UKThe World’s Local Bank.
28Nescafé13,055SwitzerlandAwaken Your Senses.
29Nike12,672USJust Do It.
30UPS12,621USDeliver More.
31SAP12,228GermanyThe Best-run e-Businesses Run SAP.
32Dell11,695USPurely You.
33Budweiser11,438USThe King of Beers. (Budweiser. True)
34Merrill Lynch11,399USis Bullish on America/Ask Merrill.
35Ikea10,913USMake a House a Home.
36Canon10,876JapanImage Anywhere.
37JPMorgan10,773USYour Choice. Your Chase.
38Goldman Sachs10,331USOur Client’s Interest Always Comes First.
39Kellogg’s9,710USThey’re Great!
40Nintendo8,772JapanWho are you?
41UBS8,740SwitzerlandYou & Us.
42Morgan Stanley8,696USOne Client at a Time.
43Philips8,325NetherlandsSense and Simplicity.
44Thompson Reuters8,313UKFor People in the Know.
45Gucci8,254ItalyQuality is Remembered Long After the Price is Forgotten.
46eBay7,991USThe Power of All of Us.
47Accenture7,948BermudaHigh Performance, Delivered.
48Siemens7,943GermanyBe Inspired.
49Ford7,896USFord. Drive One.
50Harley-Davidson7,609USThe Legend Rolls On…
51L’Oreal7,508FranceBecause you’re worth it.
52MTV7,193USThink MTV.
53Volkswagen7,047GermanyDrivers wanted.
54AIG7,022USThe Strength to Be There.
55AXA7,001FranceBe Life Confident.
56Heinz6,646US57 Varieties. (Mine’s gotta have Heinz.)
57Colgate6,437USThe Colgate Ring of Confidence.
58Amazon.com6,434USA Real Company in a Virtual World.
59Xerox6,393USThe Digital Document Company.
60Chanel6,355FranceShare the Fantasy.
61Wrigley’s6,105USDouble Your Pleasure.
62Zara5,955SpainWe Have a Dream.
63Nestle5,592SwitzerlandGood Food. Good Life.
64KFC5,582USFinger Lickin’ Good.
65Yahoo!5,496USDo you Yahoo?
66Danone5,408FranceA Little Everyday Goes a Long, Long Way.
67Audi5,407GermanyVorsprung Durch Technik.
68Caterpillar5,288USEarthmoving Solutions for Today’s Challenges.
69Avon5,264USLet’s Talk.
70adidas5,072GermanyImpossible is Nothing.
71Rolex4,956SwitzerlandPerpetual spirit.
72Hyundai4,846S. KoreaDrive your way.
73BlackBerry4,802CanadaLife on BlackBerry.
74Kleenex4,636USIt’s time to Let it Out.
75Porsche4,603GermanyThere is No Substitute.
77Gap4,357USFor Every Generation, There is a GAP.
78Panasonic4,281JapanJust Slightly Ahead of Our Time.
79Cartier4,236FranceThe Jeweller of Kings.
80Tiffany & Co.4,208USAmerica’s House of Design since 1837.
81Pizza Hut4,097USGreat Pizzas. Great Times.
82Allianz4,033FranceFinancial Solutions from A to Z.
83Moet & Chandon3,951FranceL’esprit Mo? & Chandon.
84BP3,911UKBeyond Petroleum.
86ING3,768NetherlandsSaving Feels Good.
87Motorola3,721USIntelligence Everywhere.
88Duracell3,682USLasts Longer, Much Longer.
89Smirnoff3,590UKThere’s Vodka and Then There’s Smirnoff.
90Lexus3,588JapanPursuit of Perfection.
92Johnson & Johnson3,582US
94Armani3,526ItalyDesigns for the Face.
95Hennessy3,513FranceThe World’s largest stock of Eaux-de-vie.
97Shell3,471NetherlandsYou can be Sure of Shell.
98Nivea3,401GermanyBeauty is…
99FedEx3,359USThe World On Time.
100Visa3,338USLife Takes Visa.

Data: Interbrand, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, BusinessWeek


  1. Thanks for this information. I find the use of punctuation in this list somewhat atrocious but realize that much advertising lingo has the same bad habit, so it is not too suprising. For example, phrases don't need periods at the end, only complete sentences do.

    I thought I would check Web sites and see what slogans the companies used with what punctuation. Some of them did not have a slogan on their home page; some used a slogan without punctuation with the logo; and some had a different slogan than in your list. Cisco had "Changing the Way We Work." Canon had "Take A Picture Everywhere With Canon." IBM listed their trademark as "Solutions for a small planet," though I found that only in a long list of trademarks. Oracle did not have a slogan.

    It is interesting to see the variety of Web site slogan usage and non-usage, with different punctuation and capitalization habits.

    In your list, I believe the Lexus slogan should read Pursuit and not Persuit?

    I think the Duracell slogan is quite poorly written. How exciting is it that it lasts much longer? How vague can you get? Someone makes money to dream this up while I sit here in my mundane work world...geez.

  2. Thanks, Lexus spelling mistake has been corrected.

    As for the slogans, I’ve mentioned “most common/most recent” factor due to the same situation you are mentioning. Due to market conditions, different interpretations of the Brand Positioning by their respective ad agencies and various other reasons, a slogan could end up being a tagline too, sometimes with a slight variation while maintaining the same spirit. Canon, (image anywhere vs take a picture everywhere) for an example.

    Sometimes, the American markets (US & Canada) use different strategies and slogans – the famous bunny belongs to "Energizer" there, while the bunny belongs to "Duracell" in the Middle East & Africa..! In comparison, a variation of the slogan is not much of a big deal, I suppose.

    Alkaline batteries last longer (approx. 7 times) than the regular batteries. Energizer and Duracell started the “longer” war; making the consumers believe that they last longer vs each other, which is not true. The evolution of “lasts longer” is “lasts longer, much longer” and there is a tiny asterix with a disclaimer (usually) – that is, if one cares to actually look at the fine print.

  3. From a copy editing point of view, I think "Lasts Longer, Much Longer" would better be just "lasts much longer." That is quicker and more to the point. Even better would be something like "lasts seven times longer," if that is the case. That really makes you absorb the message, unlike Duracell's actual slogan, which seems just boring to me.

    The bunny example is interesting. I wonder that nobody worried about plagiarism in that case.

    I suppose copy editing and proofreading issues are probably useless to keep harping on, as advertising and modern life seem to bypass old rules and standards in this area.

  4. “The Duracell Bunny was originally trademarked for use in the US and other countries. Duracell failed to renew its US trademark of the bunny and as a result lost it [citation needed]. Energizer, seeing an opportunity, trademarked a new bunny for its use.” is the story according to Wiki.


    Advertising copywriters are a rare breed – how often do we see a good copy-led ad these days..?

  5. this is interesting. thanks for sharing!!

  6. does anyone knowwhos slogan is "designed to be better"

  7. Anonymous, “Designed to be Better” doesn’t seem to be registered anywhere, but it sounds very familiar. I think a furniture company in the US had a similar theme for a while, but can’t remember who. The closest slogan I remember is “Make it Better” from Timberland’s.

  8. "designed to be better" is owned by Legrand.us

  9. oh thanks for helping me in my quiz about slogans and i wish that i might win that so thanks again!!

  10. thanks a lot....

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