My son gets some homework in English Writing.

The task is to write a dialogue.

The scene is home, his room is supposedly (supposed to be?) messy. The mother wants everything back in it’s place and the room tidied.

You know kids, they could never keep a tidy room. And the teacher thought this would be a good exercise, the perfect setting for a good, 10 minute dialogue.

And Rafael does his homework:

Mother: “Rafael... will you please tidy the room, NOW!”
Rafael: “Ok.”

He gets 2 out of 10!


  1. There's something so funny about this man. Had me grinning for a long time.

  2. Awww such a sweetie! If he's this obedient now, he's probably gonna spend his teenage years making up for lost time...good luck! ;-)

  3. Your son is rafael, and your blog is Wijitha? Do i sense a mixed marriage here? Just curious :)

  4. hehe cute!!! :D

  5. LOL!
    He sounds like such a sweetheart!! :D

  6. He deserved a 10/10 for his honesty! hahaha :D

  7. Sach, occasionally I find myself grinning at his antics too.

    Pseudo, not that he is this obedient, he was very scared of my ex who ran a concentration camp. :D
    That’s why he escaped and came to me - he is a sweetheart, all he needs is a few kind words.

    Anonymous: Yes you are right. If you read my old posts, you might discover more about my life. ;)

    Black: Thanks ;)

    Sabby: Yes, he is.

    Chavie: :D

  8. Man I can learn something from him, I still make a mess of my room, er house!