Treadmill vs Chicken Kurma and Sex

Been extremely busy. Missed out on a few important things – like Mak’s art exhibition. Amazed at her imagination and talent, but it raised just one question in my mind: aren’t we all a skinny bunch? I mean slim n trim, in a sort of ‘healthy’ way? Except for the fat, dead guy that is.

I’m glad even the old dudes like yours truly and RD are still good-looking. I mean no pot bellies or anything. If only you know how hard it is to burn 400 calories on a treadmill... keeping fit becomes a major headache when one crosses the big three zero, especially when one is confined to an office job. Four hundred calories is like a plate of Chicken Kurma you get at the Elite Restaurant. To put things in perspective, it’s takes five hours of intense sex to burn that much of fat. Come to think of it, I like chicken kurma, and I love sex – only foreseeable problem is the “five hour” factor...


Stayed away from the Lankan blogsphere for just a while, and see what they have done. Jerry ditches Blogspot, migrates to Wordpress. Traitor.

Chavie sports a new look. Now that he has the driving license, I guess he could consider stop running. Black isn’t black, it’s psychedelic. At least the title. And the new-found three-wheel fella is quite entertaining. Thanks Dee for the discovery.

DD is third world? Totally new look or is it some kind of a trick I wonder.

But, I’m most puzzled by my inability to create a link to Gadget Girl’s blog. Just noticed that it has switched from GG to VVG – and no more purple socks on my blogroll. I guess GG and VVG are one and the same person – there had been far too many cases of mistaken identity in the recent past in the blogsphere, I don’t want to jump to conclusions just yet.

The weeds, turds and trolls seem to have died and gone to hell. And there is relative calm for the time being.

Now that I have caught up with most of the posts that I’ve missed, it’s time to get ready to watch the T20. Sri Lanka and Pakistan deserve to be in the final – they need to wrap up the game that ended up in a military helicopter ride.


  1. Welcome back! Interesting heading for your post i must say!

  2. You're back with a blast SI!! :D

    totally agree with you on Maks, Jerry (traitor is too good a word!) and Black's new header! :D and as for the running, never happened... quite recently I ran up the stairs and had a headache (or maybe that was just because I had a exam to study for the next day... who knew! lol) and GG's RSS feed has a prob... and so does she, a much bigger parental prob that is! :S

    and this Elite you talk about, the one down Baudhaloka mawatha yea? I love the Buriyani there... (willing to kill for the rasam recipe! lol)

    and totally agree with you on the Pak/SL thing... too bad Thilan's not here for the reunion eh? ;) Hehehe

    and talking of old dudes, RD like pwned ever old dude out there in the coolness department by getting a twitter account! :S

    Yep, you missed a lot! and we missed you!! Welcome back! :D

  3. and btw, WHAT happened to DD's blog??? :S

  4. Santhoshi, thanks.
    Chavie, yep the Elite I’m talking about is the same one. As for DD’s blog, I’m as clueless as you are. ;)

  5. Haha! Thanks for the mention, it was honestly just silly doodling though. :P
    Also, WHO is 'the fat dead guy'? :D

    And is it just me or does the blogosphere seem awfully dull as of late?

  6. Mak, ;)
    Yep, the scene is awfully quiet me too thinks.

  7. oh well we lost the match...damn

  8. realskullzero, I know... Like they say, vot to doo noh?

  9. Traitor?


    You have not lived till you have blogged on WP.


  10. Jerry - I think you've sent SI off to aordpresshell too!!! haiyo! :(

  11. five hours of intense sex?? hmm....