Thambi’s Only Daughter...

Chilling out after work, watching VIVA Polska, and this song catches my attention:

Baila music, from the other side of the planet – from Brazil. But the lyrics could easily be substituted with the famous big match/paparé song “Thé pan saadayi thambi kadey...” and this becomes one of our own.

An extremely popular song in the clubs, Rap Das Armas (Rap of Weapons) is banned in Brazil – it is not being played on Radio; but hit the No 1 Spot in Music Charts in Netherlands, says Wikipedia.


  1. We used to go this Baila club in La Jolla, San Diego mostly packed with Hispanics. They would be really impressed when we got on to the dance floor and do the Sri Lankan style of Baila dance. Especially the 'winkle pump' and 'bus driver'.
    Smiles (........)

  2. you know mate, that baila song is pretty offensive to Muslims if you didnt know.. br a little sensitive. its not only the 'thambi' term there, its the words of teh song itself, to a greater extent.

  3. Whakster, thanks a lot for highlighting your concern. Please don’t take the song or this post so seriously. I do know that the song is offensive to Muslims, and I also know the songs that usually precede or follow include the one about the Buddhist monk and his “ebiththaya” or King Dutugemenu returning from war. Even the famous “Suranganie” is offensive in its big match version.

    While I reiterate that this post in no way is meant or intended to insult anyone, I also must say that big match Baila or paparé songs should be taken in their true spirit, not out of context.

    Sincere apologies if you felt offended.


  4. no thats alright wijitha, just thought i'd point it out to you. personally, i think pretty much any song that is sung insulting anyone is offensive. sometimes the listeners may hold the subjects of these songs as sacred, so i guess it depends on who gets the joke, and who doesn't.

    and don't worry, iv heard enough people sing it..:)

    cheers and thanks for your response..

  5. Man great song...thanks for pointing out...