Sri Lanka: Small Miracle


  1. I loved this. Actually saw it first on facebook. Just felt soooo proud of my country. But just saw in the paper that some idiots in high places are not happy with the word 'small' in small miracle. I don't think they get small here does not mean small as in the size of their brains! I thought calling Sri Lanka a small miracle was soooooo appropriate. Idiots!

  2. Love the ad... so proud to be sri lankan... sad about the uproar...

  3. yes there is a lot to be proud of:
    sri-lanka, the most dangerous place for journalists and freedom of speech.
    sri-lanka, just 1 month ago, 20 000 civilians perished while the country and rest of the world watched on.
    sri-lanka, happy to steal the savings of a lifetime of a 75 year old man, keep him in an IDP camp, and not allow him to return to his home and his family - b/c you see, he is obviously a threat to national security.

    so much to be proud of in sri-lanka.

    this ad should be overlayed in red- you can not hide the blood stains of all the lives lost.

    don't stick your head in the ground like an ostrich.

  4. Shots taken from wide-angel lens, generous amount of words ending with ST, such as greatest, best or prettiest, cook together in law heat and marinate with word paradise, then you get good looking tourism ad.