One thousand one hundred & one days in Taprobane

I’ve smoked. I’ve been drunk. From enjoying Arrack and Wild Elephant to talking about good manners in drinking, and ethics in advertising, I have had a good time spending life in Taprobane.

I’ve admired the beauty of Sri Lankan women. Talked about the typical Lankan wives and how romance blossoms in paradise – islander style. I have questioned the level of tolerance in Buddhism, and irritated a few war-mongers in their quest for dividing the land.

Life in Taprobane has been quite a journey, considering some of the most colourful crew at the time – Boycy, Curious Yellow, Hot Chocolate, Venus-Metamorphosed, Lazy Owl and Janapathi etc – have fallen off the band wagon. Their wit and wisdom is surely missed, may their virtual souls rest in peace.

Looking back, ’06 wasn’t a bad year, but ’07 was the worst. I had more posts in the early part of this month, than the whole bloody Year of Oh-Seven. My life was a roller-coaster as usual, and blogging was the last thing on my mind. Besides, too many late nights and excessive levels of alcohol in my system weren’t very conducive to writing either. Alcohol makes one talk, not write – and it showed.

Perhaps that year was jinxed because I started with a wise crack: “Life is trying things to see if they work” I posted, and nothing worked in my favour. Except for some very significant developments in my personal life, the blog was as good as dead.

There’s a whole lot of gibberish that I usually write, with some occasional wisdom. Wisdom, when I’m sober and sane. Not that there aren’t any brilliant thoughts that blink above my head when I’m drunk; they just come out sounding so stupid, no matter how intelligent I feel.

Smoking, drinking and social issues are my fave’s; either because I’ve been there, done that or I am being there, doing that. When I wrote a few posts on politics in the beginning, some wise woman told me to stay away for my own good. Since I have a natural tendency to respect the boobs, I left the affairs of the parliament in the very capable hands of some other idiots in the silly lankan blogsphere. My fingers itch to write political posts from time to time, but I scratch the itch myself and refrain from entertaining MR & the crew in my blog. No politics. Period. I would always remember the boob-advice.

Then again, every so often I hear some BS about Paradise, my blood boils, and I walk the line. I irritate a few people, my friends pretend they don’t know me – I lay low, and things get back to normal. And the blogging goes on.

Blogging is a funny business. And I have met a few good associates.

Amongst them, DeeCee set a record by sending me more than a dozen comments on different posts in just a matter of few hours. “Terminal Boredom!” – she said, no one has ever been that interested in, or enthusiastic about, my blog. Ever.

So, she became my biggest fan. Instantly, naturally, and officially.

Lady Divine wins the trophy for the most long-standing ardent female reader – she has been there in Taprobane for a while. Sittingnut wins the manly version of the said virtual award. In retrospect, I wonder how did these two, and many other avid enthusiasts put up with my crap for this long – especially considering the fact that my posts change their theme or genre like the weather at the World’s End.

Life in Taprobane celebrates 1,101 days in blogsphere. *lights fire works* (Kevun, kiribath, served.)

Thank yous anyways to all of you are here – you have been a bunch of good souls, really.


  1. Congratulations! Keep 'em coming :-)

  2. shaaa.. nice!
    Congrats! and here's to many more..:)
    May you always be with us!:)

  3. Congrats!! Though I discovered your blog and kottu as a whole very recently, I am a BIG fan! Keep it up :o)

  4. I must admit your blog is a great source of inspiration. Honestly.... The first post I read was on Super Brands ( Sucker Brands that is ) I do still remember. I stumbled onto your blog whilst doing an online research on brands in Sri Lanka. Then I was curious to know who you were and even sent you a personal mail :-) Yeah... ? Not that I agree with some of the crap you say :-) But I find them very inspiring........ I have learnt a lot from your blog and still learning...... About life, boobs, balls, bombs, brands, buddhism..... and ofcourse Philosophy :-) I do hope to comment on your 2202 day as well.... Till then..... Best wishes & Love :-)

  5. @PseudoRandom, thank you.
    @LD, your constant presence is very much appreciated, as always.
    @surani, yep, I know you are a BIG fan, and a BIIIG thank you!
    @Naughty Nibs, thanks buddy – hopefully we’ll meet up at the big match!

  6. Awww wow...!
    Congrats, luv! =)
    I love reading your posts!

  7. I don't always agree with you and think your lifestyle is quite different from mine, but your blog is usually quite interesting reading. Congratulations on knowing how to keep a reader interested!

  8. @Sabby, *big hug*
    @Makulowo, *bow*
    @Anonymous, thank you. I think the difference is what makes my life more interesting, heh he.

  9. Wow 1,101... Why not 1,111, though? :) I've enjoyed reading, though I started not so long ago.. Also, as my altar-with-fruits testifies, you were the first person to comment on mine.. Thanks.. :D

  10. @hijinx: yippeee! I’m honoured, and feel privileged. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1,000 and 1,100 are too round; 1,101 is more interesting - right?

  11. My second comment on this article: I do miss seeing your wonderful pictures of the Sri Lankan countryside. Some of your earlier articles contained such pictures. As I am a "Westerner," they fascinated me. Perhaps they are not as interesting to people who live in the area. I suppose humans are always more interested in things that are unknown or have an element of mystery, and Western culture is generally thought to be the opposite of Eastern culture. Cold weather and hot weather definitely create different cultures. Perhaps in the same way that humans created a cold ski mountain in Dubai for people who did not grow up skiing, I sometimes find hot climate culture more interesting.

  12. Anonymous, thank you for your comment. Shall keep that in mind and hopefully have some pics and stuff that are genuinely Sri Lankan, at least from time to time. Promise.

  13. You've got a great thing going, interesting read :)

  14. Congratulations Serendib! I love your writing :) Keep them coming :)

  15. Congrats on the three years...looks like you started blogging about the same time as me:)

    Found your blog recently and it's been fascinating reading, especially since I myself after almost 10 years am looking to move back home this year...keep it up and best of luck!

  16. How did I miss this post?
    Ok here is a belated wish though...
    Keep them coming!