Death Penalty? With Compliments of Kent!

You know the bad habit the Sri Lankan suppliers have – in printing their name bigger than the actual message on every signboard or display they produce? Like “Solex” in huge letters and “STOP - Police Check Point” in tiny letters? Some companies do these signs for free to get some visibility (cleverly disguised as CSR) while the others get paid for the job and still print their name in huge letters so that my grandmother could read it from a distance without her glasses.

I couldn’t help but crack-up when I saw the epitome of this stupid habit: a signboard on the wall behind the immigration counters at the Colombo International Airport reads something like this:


Drug Trafficking is Punishable by Death

With Compliments of Kent

More thoughts on signage sponsorship here.


  1. lol... what was Kent thinking?!??!?

  2. Hey... This is Siri lanka, the land like no other..... :-) Stupidity is the norm here :-)

  3. hehehe...u shud hv gotten a pic somehw...hilarious..lol

  4. I wish I could have taken a pic. The only reason was that there was a warning that says no cameras allowed. Should try with the mobile phone next time – I could get the exact wording too.

  5. Thankfully none of the suppliers I work with do that. But I've seen a couple that do... With hilarious results :D