Being Happy in Paradise...

So there we were. A regular weekday evening at my place, my two kids watching television while the grown-ups discussing life at large.

Like any good old Sri Lankan tête-à-tête, the conversation begins with politics. As we progress and discuss the new happenings, we swear at the idiots who ru(i)n the country. We curse them and their mothers for the misery they have brought upon us. Paradise ruined, in front of our very own eyes – almost within a short period that is slightly longer than the life cycle of an amoeba.

One says that the islanders of Paradise are amongst the happiest people on earth – even though there is misery, death and man-made disasters surrounding us everyday, dominating the news headlines.

From there, the conversations weaves in to discovering what “HAPPINESS” truly means to us.

The kids have their eyes glued to the television, but their ears are interested in the adult conversation. They are the new generation multi-tasking kids, who are capable of handling 5.4 tasks at any given time, according to Martin Lindstrom – the author of Brand Child.

Sitting in my lap, my little one throws-in her two cents: “Paap, paap, this home is my happinest” she quips, and promptly returns to her favourite programme on television.

A shocked silence amongst the adults prevails for a nano-second. My home is my happy-nest!

We are yet again amazed at the Kindergarten wisdom.

There she was, with her eyes glued to the television...