Naked Madonna and the 15,000 dollars

I’ve admired Madonna always – her music, her attitude and of course her sultry looks. Not necessarily in that order though. The Queen of Pop has teased us since we were school kids in blue-shorts and still continues to do so with a shock every once in a while. There was the infamous “lesbian” kiss not so long ago and now there she is, hitting the news with the sale of her full-frontal nude photograph.

An original photograph of Madonna taken by Lee Friedlander in 1979 is going to be auctioned off at Christies on the 12th February, and is expected to fetch between US$ 10,000 to 15,000, according to reports. However, when the photograph was taken in 1979, Madonna was just a dancer who answered an ad for a nude model. The photographer has sold six more pictures of Madonna to Playboy in 1985 and this one, too, has her in the raw.

I’ve cropped the naughty bits here, please visit the Christies site, to discover the rest and zoom in on the details – you would be amazed at how much more hair you could get for 15 thousand bucks.


  1. apparently; shaving the pubics hadn't been that popular those days...

  2. She's not bad at all. Rather a good figure I would say and nice breasts.

  3. nothing was shaved, a 21 year old woman of the day