Believing in Second Chances...

So I have been quiet for two weeks. Missing from the blogsphere, away from the digital life. I was back in Paradise, sipping a few beers and tasting Arrack on the fabulous beaches of Koggala; I was busy shopping for my wedding ring in Singapore; and, yes, I was busy getting married.

As I promised myself in the latter part of last year, I got married – to the pretty neighbour who walked in to the next apartment – and in to my life. Getting married was the natural and obvious progression – and for some strange reason, it felt very right from the beginning, and still does. It feels like I have found my arcadia, finally.

The wedding wasn’t a grand do, since both of us are playing the second innings. Besides, inviting the extended family meant a mammoth task – gathering a good few hundreds under one roof isn’t that easy. Instead, we opted for a quiet gathering of the immediate family, with a treat of traditional Lankan sweet-meats and kiribath (milk-rice) at home. I wished I hadn’t gained the extra layer of fat around my waist, and, wished my trouser was still loose when I saw the katta-sambal (chilli paste) and kiribath; but then again, one has to be on his best behaviour at least on his wedding day, I suppose. Plus, there was another sumptuous lunch being prepared at my sister’s; so I had to keep that in mind too. Living abroad makes one appreciate the little things that we take for granted every day – a typical Lankan meal has never looked so yum in my entire life..!

After failing miserably in the first innings, we both decided to play it the ‘proper’ way this time around. We let our parents take over the affairs at the appropriate time, but of course didn’t forget to give things a little nudge in the desired direction! Matched the horoscopes (I knew that they were matching, so wasn’t worried about it much); got the auspicious times sorted; and followed the tradition with blessings from our parents and the families.

We lit the oil-lamp, said our prayers and signed on the dotted line. As we said our I do’s, the two mothers signed as witnesses to this historic event in our life. I could sense a certain relief in my mother’s face, she was happy her black-sheep was marrying a Sinhala Kella, finally!

Updated my status on FB, and my buddies were shocked and pleasantly surprised. Those who know me well know that this kid never learns. But I, on the other hand, believe in second chances, and things have never been this good in my life.


  1. Oh wow! Congratulations! I hate that word because it seems so inadequate but it's the only word I can find. Even though I don't know you outside of this funny little virtual world that is the SL Blogosphere, I'm sincerely happy for you :)


    Ps - Don't read my latest post :P Hahaha. And if you do, I'm sure you, like my sister, are one of the lucky ones :) As for second chances, I believe in them too. Good luck.

  2. Gypsy, Thanks a lot.
    Heh he, too late – read your post and commented too, already!

  3. Hey.... Congrats... Thats lovely... Everyone deserves a second chance in life....... :-) Missed your posts and was wondering what has happened to you :-) Happy for you. Go..go... enjoy the Honeymoon :-)

  4. here's wishing you the greatest second chance ever!
    May you have a fabulous wedded life..:)
    All the very best


    Ko cake????? Apita wedding cake oney!!

  5. NB, thanks.
    LD, No wedding cake - I’ll buy you a piece of pineapple gateaux next time I’m in Colombo, promise!
    :) *Hug*

  6. I did miss you while you were "gone" from your blog. I am curious as to whether your wife reads your blog.

  7. Anonymous, what can I say - I have a grin on my face! Yes my wife reads the blog (but I doubt if the gestapo does).

  8. Hey CONGRATS bro!
    I'm so happy for you dude...
    Wish you new life will be a success beyond imagination!

  9. Hey best of luck in your new life.

  10. Hey! Congrats, and good luck.. Nice to see you back, you were missed :D

  11. Sach san, arigato gosaimasu!
    JP, hijinx, thank you.