Ho, ho, ho..!

It’s Christmas eve and I’m all alone in my apartment, in a country where Christmas doesn’t exist. I look out of the window, and see the streets – just like any other day.

No Christmas lights, no decor and it looks like April – or any other regular month of the year. Nothing special, except for the many Christmas movies playing on almost every satellite channel. It’s Christmas, everywhere else... but not here.

This year, there is no tree in my living room but there’s a Santa’s hat on my Facebook portrait.

At the office, we were talking about Christmas in various parts of the world where we come from and how we spent it last year.

I was home. And there was a tree. And there were presents. And there were my happy bunnies.

Things have changed ever since. Tonight, I’m gonna “watch” Christmas. Alone.

Tomorrow, we will roast a halal-slaughtered lamb and celebrate “Christmas” in Arabic style, in the desert, with all my multi-cultural friends. Yes, Christmas, Arabic Style. And I’m a Buddhist.

As for the booze, I’m gonna catch-up when I arrive in my paradise isle in 10 days...

Well, merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Merry Christmas Serendib! Great post. It's sad to think Christmas doesn't exist in some places. But the Arabic style lamb sounds good!!!

    Have a great one, however different it may be to last years. xxx

  2. Hope you have fun with your buds tomorrow :)

  3. Gypsy, Your post is brilliant.


    I couldn’t help but my eyes were filled with tears, remembering the good times gone by...

    DeeCee, Loved your video.

    Thanks guys, isn’t life so wonderful..?