Taste Your Own Medicine, India!

Mumbai is under terror attack. While I strongly denounce terrorism and killings of innocent civilians, deep down there is a great sense of “sweet revenge” that lingers in me. I can’t help it, but I’m happy that the Indians are getting a taste of their own medicine, finally.

What goes around, comes around – they say.

The Indians bred the tiger cubs (Tamil terrorists) in Madras, in government sponsored training camps and released them to the wild in Sri Lanka, trained and well-equipped to take on the Sinhalese – and look at the price we paid. They turned my Tamil friends against me, they planted hatred in their eyes. They ignited the fire that burns in this isle – it was their tactic in winning an economic war and stalling the economic boom we were witnessing in the late 70’s and early 80’s. They did succeed, leaving our Paradise in utter shambles. They poked their finger in every business in the island, and reduced us to dust – and continue to keep playing the “big bully” in the region.

Looks like its pay-back time, coming from the one above. One by one, day by day, they will pay for what they did to us. I wouldn’t care if it takes a year, a decade or a hundred years – but the tables are slowly turning.

Call it Karma, call it the rule of the universe – its time for those who sponsored, sympathised and bred terrorism to feel it, and live it – like we did for the past quarter of a century, and continue to do today.

Well, India, welcome to our world. I hope you’d enjoy living in the world you created for us.

Pic: Reuters


  1. What kind of sicko are you that you take enjoyment in the deaths of innocents??

  2. Dear Middle Child,
    Nope, it doesn’t make it right. Yet, it comes close, on two counts:

    1. India’s point of view on breeding and sponsoring terrorism will change, similar to what 9/11 did to America. That would make our part of the world a whole lot better.

    2. There is a fine line between “Justice” and “Revenge” – even the religion and the law seem to find it hard to know where to draw the line. Blood Money or Death Sentence won’t make things right, but we believe that’s fair and just. Crime and punishment is a base of all modern-day religions, compassion is promoted while someone is paying the price – just like Christ died once for “our” sins.

    We are imperfect human beings dreaming of a perfect world – what’s right for me is not right for someone else.

    Right? :-)

  3. Anonymous: “take enjoyment in the deaths of innocents”

    Well, I’m just watching the play the Indians coached. True, its a tragedy; the script writers could have chosen a less dramatic, romance perhaps?

    By the way, where were you when scores and scores of innocent Sri Lankans were murdered in cold-blood, in the hands of India-sponsored terrorists?

  4. "What goes around, comes around – they say."

    very pertinent.

    Wonder what went around here that came back?

  5. Muslims in India feel discriminated and think the system doesn't offer them justice and take up arms. In a similar way the Tamils did in Sri Lanka.

    Nothing to be happy about. Let's hope both Sri Lanka and India can resolve the root cause of the issue instead of fighting war on terror and make this a bigger mess.

  6. Please, do not call them terrorists. They are only rebels, freedom fighters, and a discriminated and frustated minority.

  7. I am not quite onboard with the schadenfreude displayed in this post but I don’t see why they (Deccan Mujahideen or LTTE) can’t be called terrorists.

    Terrorism is a means to an end and can be perpetrated by anyone (freedom fighter or otherwise). Even democratically elected governments engage in terrorism sometimes. Anyone living in SL should be familiar with that concept.

    If you terrorise people… you are a terrorist. It doesn’t matter what the justification for terrorism is. You may be fighting for minority rights or you may be protecting national sovereignty – it’s still terrorism.