Bravo, bravo, bravo..!

The news is refreshing. The last bastion of terror on the North-West has fallen to the might of our military. As hope rises, it is becoming increasingly obvious that there is no room for terrorism anymore in the Paradise Isle.

Quite frankly, LTTE should never have become a menace of this scale, if only the government in power treated the Tamil Terrorism the way they treated the Sinhala Terrorism in 1971 and in 1989. The uprising in 1971 was too early for me to remember, but the terrifying images of 1989 still haunt me: Dozens of bodies burning in every nook and corner every single morning, and the horrible stench that filled the air... Severed heads of victims decorating roadside fences while young Sinhalese students bound to lamp-posts and set on fire – alive... Kidnappings, abductions and killings that are far too many to document even after two decades...

That was a horrifying, but fitting, finale to an armed group that tried to rule the country by terror. Over 60,000 are still missing – and that history is better forgotten than to be remembered.

Compared to what they are capable of, the successive governments and the military have been too kind to the Tamil Terrorists. They should have treated them the same way they treated the Sinhalese in the ’70’s and the ‘80’s – eliminating them from the root even before they could hold a gun in their hands.

Nevertheless. I suppose 25-years-too-late is better than never, anyway.

Image: www.army.lk

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