“I have one word for you folks, TOMORROW..!”

In less than 24 hours, America decides who would be their next President. Will we see the Change We Need is the biggest question that’s looming in the air. Popular vote tracking for the last five weeks show Obama’s continued lead while this morning on Anderson Cooper 360°, five out of six of the best CNN Political Analysts on the panel predicted an Obama Victory. The sixth hoped for “nothing less than a miracle” to get McCain in to the White House.

Whether Obama wins the Presidency or not, he has already won in many aspects. The biggest victory in his political arena is winning the ticket – beating an opponent of great calibre, Hillary Clinton. She is much tougher than McCain, McCain is a little pussy-cat compared to the Clintons.

Obama has already won in his biggest election promise: greater public participation in running the world’s largest democracy. The American public has been enormously electric this time, from volunteers knocking on doors to the public-at-large running Obama Campaign on YouTube, Facebook, Blogger and all imaginable new media.

He has paved the way, and given people the power to run the American politics. Already.

Internationally, Obama enjoys an overwhelming popularity – from young republics like Yugoslavia to good old democracies like France. A Facebook international group shows Obama 73% to McCain 15% while the rest remains undecided; but unfortunately for Obama, its up to Joe the Plumber – the average American – to choose their next President.

Whether he wins or loses tomorrow Obama has already given us hope and he has re-ignited the American Dream in an age where McCain instills fear and hatred in our hearts.

Image source: www.barackobama.com

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  1. I keep hearing that Obama is the lesser of two evils... true or not, I know not.