Taking the Piss...

Stumbled upon the Maharaja website and I couldn’t help burst out laughing when I saw their headline banner which says “The Courage to be Different.”

Be Different? How?
By being different from FOX News: We Report. You Decide...?
By being different from the American Idol?
By being different from Elephant House Ginger Beer and Cream Soda?
By being different in other businesses they are in – in similar fashion?

You get the point.

For us, the consumers, Maharaja Group is no different. They just stole, imitated and copied others without an iota of guilt or shame to build their own business empire... no conscience, no morals. They are no different, they are just like everyone else – wolves in disguise.

I do not know much about the “courage” to be different; but they’ve got some balls to claim that they are different!


  1. That motto came about in the late 1980's or so I believe.

    Probably thought of by some marketing man.

    Maybe they were different then?