The Ghost Town

September 19th, 2008. Its mid-day and I’m outside. There’s an eerie silence around me, except for the howling wind from time to time. An occasional cellophane bag in the wind disturbs the rhythm. I’m in the ghost-town, walking down a street where life was bubbling last night. Now, there’s no sign of life, except for a crow digging in the garbage. There are cars left in the sun, no sign of their owners. Shops along the street are closed shut, and I feel like the only one alive on this planet.

Would this be me surviving the end of the world? Did you ever wonder how it would feel like to be the last man alive?

Watch the video from my mobile phone, you won’t believe your eyes...


  1. Is this is somewhere in the Middle East or Pakistan?

  2. This is actually Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – Friday afternoon during Ramadan. One of the busiest streets, usually.