I’m a Sucker for Sad Stories

It’s Friday. The equivalent of Sunday in the other parts of the world. I got out of bed well past noon, had a cup of coffee and made a few calls to the ones that are dear to my heart.

Wandered around my little ‘house’ in my shorts and settled down to watch the American Idol Season 10 auditions.

There’s a girl from Kosovo who gets the nod. Her parents are delighted. The Idol does a little recap of the War in Yugoslavia and I think of home. And war.

While I disagree with Sirasa TV copying the Idol, I salute the fact that these talent shows give hope to the hopeless people. Some of their sad stories bring tears to my eyes.

Especially this one:

I just love this girl. I love her voice, and most of all, her courage.


  1. Thanks Wij
    You owe me a box of tissues dammit!!!

  2. Mr Kaloo, :P
    BTW, it was YOU who inspired me to stay in bed till noon and start a lazy day, so technically, YOU owe ME a box of tissues!

  3. heloooooooooooo..prayers for your dad are still on...tc,

  4. Wow, even Tyler seems to be crying. :) I don't watch reality shows anymore, but that's just beautiful. :D