The State of Education

And they run a school. And there are parents who spend their life-long savings to send their kids to this joint. The sad part is, none of the private schools or educational institutes in the country are monitored or governed by the Ministry of Education, they operate under a general business licence.

Would you choose, or trust, this “Institute of Higher Education” to prepare you for an overseas university? You wouldn’t. And I wouldn’t. But unfortunately, there are many ignorant Sri Lankans who do.


  1. Wish more people would bring this issue up as you have done.
    Amendment: private schools are monitored by the government. International schools are not. This is because under SL law, you can't set up schools (private or state) any which way you want, must be done by the state. So 'international schools' are set up as a business by others.
    The sad part is that there is no move in this country to question it, or to complain against any of these schools, or at least to push for 'international schools' to be monitored by the state or any other evaluating body.

  2. Thanks Vak. Thank you for the clarification. I forgot that what is known as “private schools” in Sri Lanka are the good old schools from the days of the British Empire. ;)