360° View: Sri Lanka, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia

Amaya Lake. Sometime in 2007. End of the break, time to leave.

Watching the Sunrise, somewhere in the Lebanese mountains. 2009. My good pal Fadi caught in the frame.

Saudi Arabia, 2008. Watching the sunset from a mountain top.

2006. Kaudulla, Sri Lanka. Elephant watching has just begun. Mahesh and Ranga with Arham – the amateur film crew. ;) I have combined the frames to create a huge image – almost 16 meters in length @ 72dpi.

270° View from a mountain top, somewhere in Buttala jungle, Sri Lanka. 2006.

Combining frames to create a single image kinda takes away the WOW factor, me thinks. And yes, these were shot without a tripod, hence the zig-zag look.


  1. I am still 'wowed' though you say it takes away the wow factor.

  2. yep, I'm wow'ed too! :D I love making panoramas... what's the software you used?

  3. Chavie, just Photoshop to compose the images. I think I should buy a tripod/monopod and do this more often. ;)

  4. yes you should... get a gorillapod! :D

  5. Great shots, but have you noticed, no camera can capture the true 'feeling' when you are in this kinda mountainous place?

  6. @Chavie: yeah, a nice one with yellow lines!

    @santhoshi: :)

    @Sach: That’s very true. These places are just like deserts, only lengthy shadows will help define the slopes. That too is not even close to the real thing.

  7. Kirigalpoththa, thank you - its a cool tool. Missed Cerno’s post until you mentioned it.