Habarana Blast

Life in Taprobane
Here we go again. We were just planning to go on a jeep safari in 10 days time – to Habarana and beyond. A couple of nights in Amaya Lake and then to Kaudulla, Minneriya and hopefully, to Maduru Oya once again. We must have passed this place of incident a zillion times.

Now the trip is off. Not that we are scared, but we don't want to hurt the feelings of some of the dear ones by being 'utterly and totally insensitive' at this moment.

I still don't understand the people in this country. The country is already divided - Colombo vs the rest of the country. The beemers and the flashy cars turn to bullock carts and haggard buses just 20 miles outside the capital. It's another world beyond that perimeter. Perhaps, the 'fourth' world – if there's any such thing.

I was arguing and screaming my guts out before the last presidential elections – about the planned economic policies (or the lack of it?) of the current regime. Not even my 'educated' friends understood what I was saying, and now they are complaining of the rupee being depreciated. I'm telling them to get ready to witness the nosedive, while I contemplate life some where else...

The real issue is battling the numbers, not the terrorists.

While the races and religions divide, economies unite. When will they get this..?

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  1. God Bless You and your Great Nation.

    If "Knowledge" leads to fear, then surely " IGNORANCE IS BLISS".

    Vivekananda said, "Awake, Arise..!"

    One who knows not, and knows not that he knows not...

    One who knows not but knows that he knows not...

    In my humble opinion, people who are in the second tier are better and owe a duty to elevate the first one, to the vastness of knowledge pervading everywhere.