The Gentle Giants

Life in Taprobane

It's been almost a month since I last wrote.

Life in Paradise has been a bit "outdoor-sy." Since the Bradby in Kandy, haven't had a single 'sober' weekend. Been busy intoxicating, recovering, and travelling in between.

Went to Maduru Oya last weekend; to see the pachyderms in their natural habitat.

This is them, a bit alert, sensing our presence.

Never believed that the local tracker could actually communicate with elephants – until a roaring wall of elephants stopped charging us – a mere 10 meters short of us. They stopped, turned, and roared back - and we were dumb-founded in amazement, fear and shock.

Luckily, I have this on film. But it's a bit foggy - we were facing the evening sun. An amazing experience – makes it all worthwhile to live in the paradise (even with all the red-tape and annoying bureaucratic crap).

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  1. fantastic !! love the ellies myself :)