Pandan Allana Kukula

Just saw a piece of communication for the South Asian Federation (SAF) Games, soon to be held in Colombo.

There was a man throwing something (I think it's a Kabadi player), and a rooster with a torch - both being used as graphic elements promoting the event.

My first question: why two symbols? Answer: One is the logo of the event, the rooster is the mascot.

It's not just another rooster - it's a Vali Kukula, the symbol of the nation, I was told.

All these years, I was under the impression that the symbol of the nation was the lion. And peacock, the national bird. They both have a sense of regality, sense of pride and integrity, above all - a commanding presence.

But, a rooster? That too a rooster that runs for life, into the bush, the minute it hears the slightest noise? A bird that gets picked on and pecked on, a bird that is better off dead than being alive? One that lives in constant fear? One that has no pride or presence at all?

And the best part of course is the pandama (torch)..!

What the hell is wrong with this nation? I cannot understand. What is a lion or a peacock, and what is a rooster?

Then it dawned on me - this is an extremely clever plot to symbolize the nation what it stands for today, in reality: pandan allana kukulo...!


  1. Hey

    I think this must be based on the Sri Lankan politician... better dead than alive seeks the comfort of the judiciary when trouble is brewing and always holding a pandama to the voter till the elections and then tells the voter to get stuffed!

  2. It's the Ceylon Jungle Fowl, not your average rooster. He's a beautiful bird, and endemic to our country.

  3. Hi,

    As mentioned by Prabath, Its a jungle fowl... You can spot it in low lands jungles surrounds Sinha Raja. As naturalist say its a very Proud, Arragant animal.
    At the end I have to agree with you.. most of us have evolved into "Pandan Allana Kukulanta" :( ....