Evolution of the Sinhalese - Part 2

The Laws of Evolution

Mammoth died, the cockroach lived. The law is simple: the clever, smarter species would survive and the weaker ones would die away.

If I were God/Mother Nature/Supreme Power/Brahma or the Matrix, who would I choose between the Tamils and the Sinhalese?

With the current score, I would pick the Tamils and let the Sinhalese be wiped out of the plant earth. I am a Sinhalese, but I have to be fair - I'm the Matrix.

We, the Sinhalese, have time and time again, proven that we are a weaker race. We are ignorant, we are foolish. We have no vision. We are a bunch of frogs in a well.

Pick 10 people randomly, and ask what would they be doing in five years' time? I've tried it - the majority of the Sinhalese are clueless. They have no idea. They have never thought about it. They have never planned anything.

Apply the same to the Tamils, or to some foreigners, if you must. Majority would know what exactly they want, what exactly they'd want to be five years down the line.

It's like the JVP and the LTTE. The JVP had the first revolution in 1970, second in 1988-89, and over a period of 36 years, their objective, their mission, has changed like the weather. LTTE, in the meantime has held on to their demand - they have never lost focus.

Perseverance. Integrity. The fighting spirit. I can keep adding words, it's only going to favour the Tamils.

The law of evolution, the matrix, says, keep the Tamils and let the Sinhalese be gone. And the system has begun work, and guess what - the Sinhalese are doing a brilliant job in wiping out their own race.


  1. We are liars – we lie so much we believe our own lies.

    I agree everything you said in your both posts. I wish every one read that and understand it in good sprit - we need to know our weakness if we want to make them correct.

    Sinhalese may Extinct in next 5 – 10 generation. It is not very complicated process. We don’t have enough food to eat. We are not up to date with rest of the world. We refuse to change. Just look at our kids – how skinny and sad are they.

    The only way to save Sinhalese race is (as far as my small brain understand) go to Negambo Lagoon and catch any fishing boat directed any other country. Just like Aborigines culture survived under White community – or just like Weddha survive under Sinhalese community we can save ourselves in Brittan or Italy. We can have cultural show once a year – that is about it.

  2. Mate that is a load of crap...thats just a perception unssupported by scientific fact, i mean has anyone done any emperical studies, how many tamil, 'foreigners' and sinhalese have u sampled. I interact with a shitload of different people from different races and different ages. The common characteristic in the 20-25 age group is we are all as a whole completely fucking clueless.

    I love this fable about how Tamils are more industrious, thats the same kind of bullshit thats used to discriminate against blacks, asians, etc on a number of characteristics that are just perceptions.

    Try and be a bit more objective and understand everybody is an individual.

  3. "Child" of 25,

    Buddy, grow up.

    I have lived overseas for the last 14 years, seen/been with/worked with the Russians, the Yemenis, the Brits, the Italians, the Arabs, the Indians, the Greeks and the lot - and I know what I'm talking about.

    There's no scientific research done yet to support my "claims" but you just proved my point by saying that you are clueless - its more common to the Sinhalese than to anyone else. By any chance, are you still under your parents' pay-roll, are you?

    If you read a bit (the good books, you know), you'll realize that the Sinhalese had been a lazy bunch for generations. Robert Knox said it, John Davy said it, and we KNOW it.

    Understand the spirit of my statements. The generalization is done only to bring out a point, not to mean that all Tamils are the same, or all Sinhalese are the same. We all know that every individual is an "individual."

    If you need to do a research, go to the hill country and do a bit of a research taking a few generations and their growth pattern. You'll see that the estate workers have done far better than the farmers in elevetaing the next generation to a higher level. Same story goes for the merchants in Pettah cross streets... The ones who feel the pressure would naturally fight better, reaching greater heights than their complacent counterparts.

    My point was, that the Sinhalese are digging their own grave without much help from anybody else.

  4. Lets see I actually havent been on 'my parents pay-roll' since I was 18...I too have lived internationally for around 7 years...I didnt prove your point by saying I was clueless...I actually have very few SL friends of my age group that I interact with on a daily basis. Most are British from my time in London and now American, French and Indians. As a whole people in their youth are 'clueless"...that was my point. Maybe u were one of the lucky 1% who in their youth knew exactly what they wanted in life..well good on ya...but your post is still full of shit...I think the self-hatred is a byproduct of people who cant let go of a 'colonialistic' mindset.

    If the 'Sinhala' are so lazy how did we have a 2000 year old civilisation. Why is it there are so many prominent Sinhalese and Sri Lankans (I for one am uncomfortable with ascribing traits to races in such a generalistic manner) in business and leadership roles worldwide. Sri Lankans in the US have amongst the highest average per capita income and house ownerships of all ethnic groups.

    Please note that I'm not a rabid Sinhala nationalist, I'm just aware of where I am from and realise that my race doesnt really designate who I am as a person. I tend to reject mantras like black people are stupid, muslims cant be trusted, mexicans are dishonest and yes sinhalese are lazy (or lie compulsively as Sam has suggested). Thats just narrow minded racist bullshit...I reckon you should grow up.

  5. I am a Tamil from Sri Lanka, who left the island as a kid after the 1977 riots in which my parents were almost killed.

    My observation about races is that races that live in difficult terrain are more hard-working than those who are blessed with nice weather and lush landscape. North and East of the island is drier than the south and east of the island and hence you see, on average, the inhabitants of the NE seemingly more hardworking than the counterparts in the south and east. (Although, I must admit that I have never been to the south and east.) This hypothesis of mine is confirmed when you look at the Kannadigas, who live in one of the best climates the world can offer. There is a nice book "Weath and Poverty of Nations" by Landes that examines the relationship between culture, literature and progress.

  6. Genius...I suppose the British who managed to build a gigantic empire came from a harsh climate...those rolling green hills and lush forests must have been a shit to be around

  7. Good observation...So I suppose the British who managed to build create a huge empire lived in difficult conditions, those rolling hills and lush forests must have been a bitch...

    RE Landes' book recommendation, quote from Amazon "Why some countries were able to industrialize and others weren't has been the subject of much heated debate over the decades; climate, natural resources, and geography have all been put forward as explanations--and are all brushed aside by Landes in favor of his own controversial theory: that the ability to effect an industrial revolution is dependent on certain cultural traits, without which industrialization is impossible to sustain."

    FYI - Hambantota aint no paradise..

  8. I teach part time, and something I've noticed is that the Tamil kids really...and i mean REALLY care about learning english. Their parents have this no-nonsense-I dont care if i have to brin him at 6AM to class- kind of attitude.

    The sinhalese lax. A lot. So so comfertable. and just slow.

    I don't know. Maybe it's the fact that we are comfy knowing the next sign on the road is readable. The next person on the road will always understand you. The disadvantages of beign in the majority.

    Damn..i want to learn tamil. :(