I found my arcadia

Life in Taprobane

If I have ever asked you to define happiness, in a drunken state or not, consider yourself lucky to be consulted. It has been my quest to find an answer that satisfies me, for as long as I remember.

What is happiness?

Some said, it's a moment. Some said it's a state of mind. Some said it's a feeling. Some said it's what you see in someone else's eyes...

Hundreds of people, hundreds of different answers.

And then, one day, I found an answer that satisfies me, while watching BBC. I know a blog-page isn't enough to explain this, but I'll try, in brief.

We, the mortals of this earth, are all taking the journey of life. We define, decide and shape the journey we must take. Some, are on the way to become great artists. Some, are on the way to finding eternal bliss. Some are on their way to re-shape the world. What ever it may be, we all have different agendas and we are all taking different routes travelling our different journeys.

So, where are we heading? Where is our destination? What are we seeking for? What are we chasing after? What do we want to find in life? What is it that we want so bad that we are ready to sacrifice a lifetime, searching...?

That, my friend, is the "arcadia" or the "happy place."

That is what we all want - to find our happy place. To find our arcadia.

And finding arcadia, is, happiness.


  1. I dont think finding aracdia alone would make you happy. Because once you find it you have to fight to keep it, and have the nagging fear of loosing it.

    I dont think happiness lies only in the search for arcadia or finally reaching it. I think its in enjoying the little pleasures along the way as well,and finding contentment from them, so whether you reach arcardia or not, you will still be happy

  2. True. Finding arcadia alone wouldn't make one happy. Wouldn't it be great if one could find happiness and hold-on to it forever..?

    And, some enjoy the journey while the others enjoy the destination...

  3. Hmmm! A life long quest for happiness. You can set your goals which makes you happy. Once you reach there, you will realize it is not exactly what you thought. Perhaps as Chinese says “ enjoy small things in life” is a better way.

    Don’t under value what you have right now. If you don’t believe me. Loose them.Then you’ll realize.

  4. Have you tried 'Nibbana'? Be warned. 'Nibbana'takes aeons; a very, very, very...long time.

    Meantime think of aylisian fields, halscion days and archadian nights. the closest I came was 'Sri Lanka'. Serendib! (a happy accident). Greeks called it Taprobane. Happy Landings!!! Jayaswal UK.

  5. Everyone has a different definition of 'happiness' ... it's not relative ... just like everyone has their own definition of heaven or hell...strange but it's the one thing most of us have agreed to disagree on.

  6. How about being able to have no regrets, for whatever you do?