Very Merry Christmas!

So it is Christmas. The first, since the guns have gone silent in the North.

Part of our country still lives in limboland, not knowing how or where they would be, tomorrow. Homeless, refugees, IDP’s, war-victims – call them whatever you may. It is sad to see some people still live in tents, five years after the tsunami. Like they say, here in Paradise, change comes very slowly. Sometimes, painfully slowly. How long would it be before we hear the Christmas carols from homes beyond IDP Shelters, is still anyone’s guess.

Reality around us quite sad and sombre.

The world beyond our little island is infested with floods, natural disasters and other calamities. There is a volcano waiting to exhale in the Philippines.

There were floods in the middle of the desert in Saudi Arabia and Oman, the penguins are bracing for a smaller Arctic, and the Chinese have bought Volvo and Saab. What is going on in our little planet, I wonder.

Then, under the blue skies of Paradise, I discover that a bad week or a lousy couple of decades cannot take away the legendary Sri Lankan smile. This Christmas, I notice an aura of happiness, contentment and relief around us.

Amidst disaster and general misfortune, we find a reason to smile. We are known for our smile, and the optimism behind. We are known to forget the yesterday easily. We are known for our ability to look beyond petty issues like global warming and worry about more important matters such as who should be the next President. Or who would win the game of cricket tonight. Or would there be enough parking at Odel.

Be it politics, cricket, shopping or life-at-large, we live in eternal hope. When hope fails, we move on with a big smile and a bigger level of optimism. All in all, there is hope in Paradise. Abundant.

We, the islanders of Paradise, are a happy bunch. Or a funny bunch, rather. And I like being one.

Let’s hope for a better tomorrow for all of us.

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. btw when writing, even if they are platitudes, do try to stick to facts.
    among many
    "penguins are bracing for a smaller Arctic"
    arctic? penguins?

    there were floods in oman in early nineties. there are in fact huge rivers there most of the time dry ( except in moutains where ponds remain )but never invisible. that
    comes alive once in while due to rain . i know bc i was there for few months visiting .

  2. Loved the post! :)

    Merry Christmas to you too SI! :)

  3. Nice one mate. I always loved and admired us islanders' smile. I think it's quite distinguishable from many others for it has such warmth and heart in it.
    Merry Christmas to you too!

  4. @Chavie: Thanks and Merry Christmas!

    @Sach: Merry Christmas *big Sri Lankan smile*

    @Sittingnut: Merry Christmas to you too!

    By the way, this post is tagged under “Ramblings/Random/The Lighter Side” for a reason, and let me tell you that nothing here is fiction.

    The effect of tsunami in Sri Lanka in brief:
    23,231 killed
    12.091 missing
    516,150 IDP’s
    119,562 Buildings/houses destroyed
    1.5 Billion Dollars Damage
    2.2 Billion Dollars Recovery Cost
    Believe it or not, we received almost Rs 700,000 per person in aid, but there are people still living in distress. For example, there are excessive amounts of fishing boats in Madu Ganga, while in the north there are fishermen who buy and sell from the market because they do not have any boats. You and I both know where the funds went: to money heaven. There were nearly 65% more IDP’s due to tsunami than the IDP’s of war; and by no means have we managed to put their lives back on track even after 5 years.

    As for the global warming and melting of the ice caps and its effect on penguins, as well as Chinese companies acquiring Volvo and Saab, please read the news. Ditto for the volcano in the Philippines.

    I am also an avid off-roader who have done my fair share of “dune bashing and wadi bashing” and I do know about the ponds and water-holes in the middle of the mountains. I am also very familiar with the Middle Eastern terrain and “flash-floods” that occur after every rain; I have been in the Middle East region for a fairly long time. What’s shocking is not the floods but the stupidity of people who tend to ignore the ways of nature and build their habitats blocking the natural water-flow, resulting in disaster and a rising number of human casualty year after year.

    I didn’t want to write this, but then again, one needs to know that my posts are factual and not fictional.

    Happy holidays!

  5. Wishing you and your loved one's the same and keep smiling!!!

  6. @Dee: Merry Christmas! Love the cat ;)

    @Sue: Merry Christmas to you and the family too!

  7. thanks for pointing out that the post was a joke ....sorry light hearted ramblings .
    so don't get angry yourself.

    btw penguins do not live in arctic (fact not fiction). and there are climate change skeptics.
    i did not say anything about tsunami etc here.

    happy new year!
    and cheers!
    you need it