The World doesn’t need a Patronising Grandpa

Colin Powell – former US Secretary of State and good friend of Republican Candidate John McCain – endorses the Democratic Candidate Barack Obama. This is an eye-opener for those who thought a retired military man is the ideal protector of American freedom, the American dream and the American soil.

We have seen the war and we have felt it in our hearts. War or the military might is not the answer. This is not an age where guns and mighty power resolves issues, this is not an age when patronising bullies take leadership. This is beyond the information age where dialogue is mightier than the gun; this is the age of the younger, more realistic new generation leaders. America today is witnessing a new awakening amongst the under 30 voters thanks to Obama, as they are increasingly becoming confident of their political power. Over 44 million 18–29 year-old voters are rallying up this time, with a clear 20% lead for the democratic candidate. Obama has also explored new frontiers in fund-raising successfully, by taking advantage of the new interactive media – talking a language that young voters understand.

Leaving aside McCain playing day-to-day tunes and tactical ads (and Palin swinging to Saturday Night Live tunes) vs Obama’s well-thought out strategic campaign; the world has seen the best of mafioso and his lipstick hockey mom who doesn’t even know what newspapers she reads. McCain seems to think Muslims are “less-American than the other Americans” and his unethical advertising is irritating. McCain would be the ideal choice for an ignorant and arrogant America that breeds separatism and the result could spell more hatred and more trouble for America. Obama, on the other hand, seems to be someone who feels the heartbeat of the new generation across the globe.

This is 21st century, where inclusive leadership style with substance and style could resolve issues – this is not the slave-age where the guns do the talking. Colin Powell – being a more experienced and respected soldier as well as a great statesman and diplomat – endorsing Obama is a direct signal to the Americans that choosing McCain+Palin would be a huge mistake. McCain as President could spell disaster for the rest of the world; and for the sake of nations like Sri Lanka, I sincerely hope Obama becomes the next American President. McCain might be the leader some Americans want, but Obama is the World Leader the rest of the world wants.

My vote goes to Barack Obama, without a doubt. Only a vintage wine would get my vote, not a vintage politician.

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