Back from the Dead

Lot of things have happened since I went in to oblivion.
• Google takes over Blogger and I get locked out. Changed the browser and Firefox lets me in. So here I am.
• Some of my ramblings appear in a newspaper. Didn’t know until I received an email from “anonymous.”
• I’m in love. Suddenly, there is not enough time to do anything else anymore.
• A litre of petrol hits 120 rupees. This is a trick to get people walking.
• Royal beats Trinity handsomely in rugby and gets trashed by the Petes. Happiness, short lived.
• Brown is new Blair.
• There is an airline called Mihin Air and Kimbula Banis rocks, I heard.
• Alcohol ban has actually increased the consumption by over 20%. Must ’ve been those Hela-Urumaya ones celebrating the ban.
• Sri Lanka has become a Shari’ah territory; the nice triumph boobs on billboards have disappeared. ;-(
• There’s a silver Maserati on the road. Or, is it an Aston Martin? I could still be dreaming.
• Hey, there’s something called the ‘Facebook.’
• “Thoppigala” is the new political mantra.
• There's Foot ’n Mouth disease in the UK, again.
I just woke up. There must be a lot more that I didn’t notice. Perhaps Blogger is dead.

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