For the first time in my entire life, I watched a Hindi movie in a theatre.

fanaa, it was, at the Savoy. Three hours of song and dance.

It was a beautiful movie, apart from the story-line. In terms of art direction, colour composition, and production qualities, the movie was a top hit. Glamour, beauty, energy, oozing 30 frames a second. The sound was superb. Didn't feel the three hours (had it anything to do with the quick vodka at the Savoy Restaurant and the beer that followed, I have no idea...), it was indeed quite entertaining.

I guess, once the mindset is adjusted to enjoy the Hindi Cinema, one could comfortably blend in with the masses and have a great time. The women, the music, the stunts, the tears, and the whole nine yards... this one could even beat Bond in the snow scene.

Nice movie. A refreshing experience.


  1. So you liked it ?
    I found it a little boring.

    Try watching Rang de Basanti (RDB) It's cast includes AaMir Khan (the same guy in Fanaa)

    Did you understand the hindi or did it have subtitles ?

  2. "beautiful movie, apart from the story line"


  3. Vishesh,

    Yes I watched Rang-de-Basanti in DVD; but was looking for some footage. Didn't concentrate on the movie much.

    I understand Hindi a bit - thanks to my Indian friends. Yes the movie has English subtitles.