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Here's some great news. Apple has released "Boot Camp" (beta) that enables new Intel-based Macs to run Windows XP as a native operating system.

A Mac and a PC in one cool machine. Imagine that.

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  1. Yeah one great reason to buy a G4 / G5 cause it wont't run a virus ridden closed source XP. here is the link http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/85844/apple-gives-windows-run-of-mac-hardware.html
    One of many, I would only ever buy a G4 / G5 cause they can NEVER RUN XP microshite. Of course XP won't see the HFS+ file structure on your drive so the mac OS should be Immune to microsofts patches and dribble thankfully........

  2. I second that! The reason I rushed and bought a mac mini was because they were going intel.

    I wanted to experience the G4, and its been quite good. I've got it dual booted to run Gentoo and MacOSX.

    Anyway, I really cant imagine a MacOSX user ever wanting to switch to windoze. On the other hand, I see the opposite happening and I think this announcement is for those who want to take the plunge but are afraid they'll need windoze.

  3. Bud I tried leaving a message on your blog but can't since i haven't got a blogger account. Anyway as a mac user in Sri Lanka do you know of any mac user groups here ? Also check out AppleJack http://applejack.sourceforge.net/
    Since you mentioned having drive problems with OS X Also try Onyx
    Both of which are freeware and excellent.

  4. Well, well, well...

    i), I don't think there would be a single Mac user who wants to switch to Windows - EVER. (Unless he marries Bill Gate's daughter and it's a pre-condition). Have been using Macs since the Classic (have known PC's since Sinclair ZX81..!) and Macs have been simply brilliant.

    Now its the time for those die-hard Windows users to switch. Any more excuses..?

    ii) I don't think there is a Mac usergroup in Sri Lanka. It would be great to have one though... I am willing to talk further and pitch-in.

  5. Been using Mac's since the G3's, now with 2 Ibooks G3 (OS 9) and a G4(OS X) and do not use any microsoft software ( for ethical reasons ), everything is open source and mostly free / very cheap. OS X is rock solid can restart the OS without needing to shut anything down and no Bios. Also nobody really knows about OS 9 and extensions so it's really secure. Currently run Tor and privoxy with OS X. Use Neooffice and Pages / Nisus express instead. There is a whole world of open source stuff out there

    2 It would be great for a mac user group in sri lanka or even a email group for us to talk mac stuff - Maybe Sumna could add it to his bulletin board project. Maybe even do some hand holding for those switchers in SL via email. User groups can also get discounts on mac software so I've heard

    Please drop me a line on my blog if you would like to know any more info about Mac user experience / getting things done on the mac.
    The blog ain't about Mac but will reply on your blog if thats ok.