Welcome to my life

I have been thinking of blogging for a while. Contemplating when to start and what to write. Where to blog. Then, it happens. You stumble upon a link that takes you to a blogsite. Never thought I would be blogging from Monday the 20th February, 2006.

I have been a bit reluctant to start, somewhere deep down a tiny voice kept saying that it might not be a good idea to "expose" my life to the rest of the world... If I were to talk talk about my life - which I like to live to the fullest - there will be names that I wouldn't want to spell-out. People whose paths have crossd mine wouldn't necessarily like me talking about them. If I make-up a name and describe the person or the actions, my buddies would figure them out anyway. Now, that's a sensitive area...

I just want to share my life experiences in this paradise isle (I have come back to Sri Lanka about 6 months back) with the rest of the world.

Let's see how it goes.


  1. Came back from where and why?

  2. Wow you have come a long way since this post, ne??!

    Decided to read your blog from the very beginning. Should be a fun read =)

  3. @Sabby: Heh he. Yeah, it’s been a long time.

    Hope you wouldn’t get bored! Honestly.

  4. Five years later, I realised that I have not answered my first comment on the first post. Anonymous, I humbly apologise.

    I came back from Dubai, gave up my career to look after my two kids - 4 and 6 years old.

  5. congrats serendib isle, keep em coming. i love your blog.

  6. maya❤ - thank you. Shall try, but life seems to get in the way from time to time. ;)